Blog Site Moved to the Netherlands

Hello~ and thank you for dropping by. In the 3 or 4 some years I had this blog I learned to improve my writing, cooking and photography. This blog has been an outlet for creativity and personal growth when I needed to take time out of my studies to do something for myself.

Since my last post, I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree in Toronto (happiest day in my life!!), traveled in Germany/Netherlands/ UK and returned back to Toronto to start my first job out of university. After almost one year, I left my job along with the amazing colleagues and bosses I now call good friends to pursue my Masters degree in the Netherlands. But rest assured, no more studying after this..!

I wish I could adorn this post with pictures to show where God & life has brought me. But apparently my maxed out disk allowance restricts me from doing so. That brings me to start a new blog PARDON MIJN DUTCH which will document the experiences I encounter in my next journey abroad. Hope to see you there~

The Best Tofu Veggie Burger

Although veggie patties take some elbow grease, I assure you it is completely worth it. Make a whole batch and freeze them for your next meals. Or even better, pop them in the toaster or microwave in the morning for a savoury breakfast.

I find this recipe very forgiving. If you don’t want left over ingredients -such as half an onion- feel free to toss them into the cooking process. You will be surprised by the amount of veggies crammed into these golden pucks.

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Isa Chandra’s Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake

This is yet another from the “Isa Does It!” cookbook. I am completely won over by her very simple, delicious and vegan recipes. As I am sitting mid-air on the way to Germany, I try my best to remember the days which I guiltlessly ate this chocolatey sweet moist cake first thing in the morning. There is absolutely no taste from the zucchini. All of the goodness of that beautiful vegetable adds to the moistness and the healthy-fibre of the cake.  Continue reading

To the Half Hearted Traveler

“Think on the bright side, you’ll be able to do what you love. Travel and see the world before things in other areas of life get too busy. Enjoy your vacation!”

At the lake shore in Toronto before traveling, laughing with my best friend about photoshopping people onto the empty space of the bench.

As much as friends have reassured the adventurous euro-bound plans made from months ago, I know deep down this is not where I am meant to be. At least that’s how I feel in this moment while writing. Continue reading

I Heart New York City

IMG_3950After spending the majority of my time in downtown Toronto for the past few years, I innately feel like the city life chose me. I’ve found an appeal for eventfulness and buzzing city energy. I want to go somewhere after our final undergrad exams, I told a friend. Here’s a short glimpse to some of our NYC trip.

The High Line

15 hours after my last exam, the nth period of sleepless nights, condensed stress, and the new found appreciation for caffeine, it was boarding time. Looking forward to new experiences in the next several days, I squealed with excitement on the inside. A diverse environment with hidden gems, local quirks, enchanting outdoor spaces, infamous attractions is what I came for and what I encountered. IMG_4067 Continue reading

Green Sunshine Smoothie

Green Sunshine Green Smoothie1-DSC_7013-marked A little trick I’ve been doing has made all the difference in the morning rush before work or classes. Making smoothies the night before saves the time and effort needed to lug out the blender, wash fruits and veggies.  This way I can ensure that I will have something healthy to start the day off right. Some days I may make a large batch of about 8 cups which can last me for more than a day, this is also great for afternoon snacks. Continue reading

To Address the Strange: Pee Desperation

I chuckled for a good few minutes reading through the WordPress summary for search terms used on the Eat Pray Bake blog recently. I hope this non-food related post brings a little smile on your face as it did for me. It may be safe to say the following have been the strangest or most unique by far.desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014 desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014a prayer when baking-nov 17, 2014a Unfortunately I am not too sure when I mentioned praying during baking. Maybe I was praying for a cake to turn out perfectly? However, for those interested in my desperation to pee I may have the answer to what you search for. Continue reading

Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck with Underground Culinary Lab

Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6670Thanksgiving is no longer around the corner! I hope you are having a lovely extended weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. I know I will be enjoying my reading week  to catch up on courses and to recharge myself. I could not ask for a better birthday gift than a week off (p.s. tomorrow I turn 21!). A month ago I purchased a new camera lens which I am still trying to get the hang of. To make up for the lack of savoury dishes on this blog, here it is. My friends from Underground Culinary Lab (UCL) invited me to a virtual double-date potluck. Ricelessasian and Matchachoco are good friends of mine from university and also the creative masters of the UCL blog. They made a delectable pumpkin loaf and healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies here.  Check out their blog for delicious recipes, beautiful photographs, travel and much more. Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6702 Continue reading

Rice Cooker Ratatouille

There is something humbling and beautiful about the word ratatouille.  Perhaps because it was a meal common among peasants and maybe because the charming Disney movie hit the heart in all the right places. Words cannot describe how much I love that Pixar movie, there is so much passion for food. Paired with the weather, a warm savoury dish couldn’t be more suitable for this time of year. The colourful leaves are falling and the air crisp. Continue reading

Summer’s End- Tomato Tart with Creamy Basil Filling (Vegan)

Nothing says rewarding like harvesting home grown vegetables and transforming them into a recipe.  Although the garden was started later in the spring and I did cheat by just buying a beefsteak tomato plant. Even though the plant looked healthy, maybe it was not the best quality because the tomatoes had a fibrous grainy texture which did not make it the best raw munching experience. It also developed some very sad blight fungus. Despite my efforts to remedy it with a solution of baking soda, vegetable oil and water many of the precious branches and leaves had to be removed. It came at a cost of trying to keep it organic and pesticide free. On the positive side, the blight did not affect the tomatoes. Continue reading