Blog Site Moved to the Netherlands

Hello~ and thank you for dropping by. In the 3 or 4 some years I had this blog I learned to improve my writing, cooking and photography. This blog has been an outlet for creativity and personal growth when I needed to take time out of my studies to do something for myself.

Since my last post, I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree in Toronto (happiest day in my life!!), traveled in Germany/Netherlands/ UK and returned back to Toronto to start my first job out of university. After almost one year, I left my job along with the amazing colleagues and bosses I now call good friends to pursue my Masters degree in the Netherlands. But rest assured, no more studying after this..!

I wish I could adorn this post with pictures to show where God & life has brought me. But apparently my maxed out disk allowance restricts me from doing so. That brings me to start a new blog PARDON MIJN DUTCH which will document the experiences I encounter in my next journey abroad. Hope to see you there~

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