To the Half Hearted Traveler

“Think on the bright side, you’ll be able to do what you love. Travel and see the world before things in other areas of life get too busy. Enjoy your vacation!”

At the lake shore in Toronto before traveling, laughing with my best friend about photoshopping people onto the empty space of the bench.

As much as friends have reassured the adventurous euro-bound plans made from months ago, I know deep down this is not where I am meant to be. At least that’s how I feel in this moment while writing.  For the first time I feel undestined to be soaring over seas and mountain peaks. The adrenaline that could rush through my veins is well…unimpressed, indifferent and frankly slightly bothered to be going through the trouble I prematurely committed to, I can’t exactly pin point why yet. This is not to say I no longer enjoy traveling, I really do love it, however maybe I’m not at my high points now.

Despite feeling as if I bought a car and decided I no longer want to drive, I am going and I will still make the most of it. Uh oh…the cold medication is making my stomach feel off.

If anything the experiences that led up to this moment has taught me that sometimes in life you just have to go with it. In London – now snacks for breakfast before the second flight to Cologne. Ciao for now. An update to come soon!

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