Banana Bread Muffins (Vegan)

As you know, I am always on the lookout for a new banana bread recipe. Here’s another successful one 🙂 . It has a nice crumb texture and it is not too sweet. Now a change of subject…Recounting the number of health/food memes that exploded on ripe bananas, you may have already seen the hype on the anti-cancer substance “Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)”. If not, the memes basically rave about the increase in TNF in ripe bananas, and implies a cure-all to cancer with banana consumption. If you are intrigued with science and health, you may have found it as amazing as I did. Continue reading

Oriental Cashew Cookies

You know it’s 10/10 when my mom takes seconds and asks for another batch. I love this cashew cookie recipe. There is a decent amount of prep work but after that the recipe is so easy. It has a different sweetness when compared to chocolate chip cookies and the coconut oil helps to accent the cashew flavour. Though the Lunar New Year has passed it reminds me of the sweets  during those occasions. Continue reading

Coconut Matcha and Spiced Date Balls

Something that hasn’t appeared in the kitchen for a while are date balls. There is usually a package of dates lying around but the thought of pulling out the blender has been a long shot. Not today! I am inspired by the many holiday recipe posts, especially CaylaCooks’ date balls post. These date balls can also be molded into a container and sliced into bar shapes like Larabars for on-the-go snacks.  Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

I only realized now as I write that the video had the recipe in the description box. I wish Laura (from the video) mentioned her measurements as she was making the recipe. My measurements were approximately estimated, but they worked out too. The coconut shreds are replaced by the medjool dates.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Adapted from Taste Made

1 1/2 cup walnuts, soaked in water overnight
7-8 medjools dates, pitted
3  to 4 tbsp cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp maple syrup
3-4 tbsp coconut oil

cocoa powder for dusting

1. First blend the walnuts to small pieces. Add in dates and the rest of the ingredients. Blend until desired consistency. I like to leave some chunks of walnuts for a crunchy bite.
2. Refrigerate for 30 mins or until the batter is firm.
3. Roll 1 tablespoon of batter into balls. Roll in cocoa powder.
4. Keep refrigerated.

Here I was thinking of a way to make these look nice.
Of course, just throw on some garnishes.  Some ideas for garnishing: cayenne pepper, matcha powder, sea salt, dried tea flower.

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich with Banana Soft Serve

I made these ice cream sandwiches about two weeks ago and put most of them away in the freezer because the weather was cold. Today is even more humid than yesterday therefore it calls for ice creams sandwiches. Who doesn’t like a cold little indulgence on such days?

While I was searching for a new vegan cookie recipe, I found Katie’s Copycat Chocolate Brownie Vitamuffin recipe. I highly recommend Katie’s recipe, it even incorporates pumpkin puree.
I cut back on a few tablespoons of sugar and I am pretty sure I added a bit too much salt, my first batch came out a tad unpalatable. My cookies were a little plain to taste, but it also was not worth throwing away.  Luckily I always keep chopped frozen bananas in case I need them in smoothies. The amount of bananas use in the recipe made more than enough for 6 ice cream sandwiches. Extras can be frozen in a plastic wrap-lined container.

They are super easy to make. Now I have no excuse to buy frozen treats from grocery stores. Continue reading

Virtual Vegan Potluck 2013- Sweet Potato Pesto Canapés Appetizer

May I present to you a simple, delicious and nutritious appetizer. But first, please visit the beginning of the potluck on Vegan Bloggers UniteTo add, I just want to mention that although I am not vegan, I enjoy a plant-based diet and enjoy creating vegan foods.  Almost 2 years later, I am loving the plant-based lifestyle. This idea can from a time when I spread sweet potato on a slice of pumpernickel bread, added some mixed salad and tomatoes for the sake of using up leftovers. I thought the colours looked so vivid and it tasted great too.

I used an old rice cooker to steam sweet potato, exactly a twin of one below except it is grey. My parents brought it with them from Taiwan 10 years ago and it still functions quite well.


There are other ways to cook sweet potato as well such as baking or using a slow cooker, any method that works for you. I used the pieces close to the end of Whole Food’s “Seeduction bread”, whole wheat with lots of different types of seeds. Since it is not a tall loaf, it has perfect small disc sized pieces at each end. I used a store bought vegan pesto brand, Sunflower Kitchen. The basil taste is so dominant, I’m so addicted. Continue reading

Chocolate Coconut Banana Popsicle

The weather is starting to heat up and these popsicles are the perfect treats. What’s better than a healthy fruit popsicle with a chocolate coconut coating?  Kick those sugar, fat and additive loaded store bought treats away, I guarantee this one will be just the thing to quench your taste buds.

Despite that bananas are high in sugar, they also contain a good amount of fiber including the prebiotic inulin that helps to keep the digestive tract healthy. From the book “100 Foods to Stay Young”, bananas are beneficial for heart health due to its high levels of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Helps kidney function and eliminate fluid retention to reduce puffiness.  Continue reading

Vegan “Mochi” Date Pieces

Good afternoon! Chopped apple, avocado, almond meal, chocolate chips, cinnamon and hemp seeds in almond milk. I’m having another throw together snack as I write.
This Is it another spin on homemade larabar snacks. It is soo soft and chewy, it reminds me of the texture of mochi. Warranted that it’s not 100% exactly….but is somethin’ like it!  It missed the Valentines Day mark, but these would have made great gifts for the friends or the special somebody in your life. Continue reading

Avocado Cereal Bowl and 5 Ingredient Walnut Brownie

The weather is warming up and the days are beginning to grow longer. The spring is right around the corner 🙂 I could use a change. It is a good day, all midterm exams are over and there is a little time for a breather before things get too busy again.

I have a strange fondness to a totally random breakfast meal. From the idea of a cereal bowl but it uses avocado as the main item. I took these pictures in a hurry since I mainly have this in the morning before class.

I start out with 1/2 an avocado.

Some homemade apple sauce.Crumbled walnut “brownies” (recipe below).And almond milk and sometimes extra cinnamon.

AvocadoCereal Bowl
-1/2 avocado
-3 tbsp applesauce
-2 pieces walnut brownie
-enough almond milk
-dash of cinnamon
Other things to add: dried fruit, fresh berries

Add everything in a bowl and eat.

Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fats-beneficial for the memory, mood, heart health, sleep and more. Other facts about walnuts from the 100 Foods To Stay Young book are in the Banana Walnut Bread post. I tried the same recipe with almonds, but it doesn’t have the same “brownie” texture I was looking for.

A simple, quick and healthy brownie. It has a satisfying rich cocoa flavour and makes a great snack.

5 Ingredient Walnut Brownies
-1 cup walnuts
-1 tbsp cocoa powder
-a pinch of salt
-1 tsp coconut oil, melted
-4 medjool dates

Other suggested add-ins:
-dried fruit
-chocolate chips

1. In a processor or blender, blend walnuts, cocoa powder and salt until it is a fine grainy texture. Over blending can bring out rancid taste of the oil in the walnuts.
2. Continue to blend.  Add in the coconut oil and the dates one at a time until the dough forms.
3. Firmly press into a container. It will firm up in the fridge but tastes great right away too. Cut into square pieces and eat.

Spring, here we come

Paw-Paw Fact

This morning I needed a fix for my early waking by Meatball. I was trampled in my sleep by a furry four-legged friend until I finally gave in and followed a very happy dog downstairs. Breakfast was a OneBun sandwich filled with peanut butter, jam and half an avocado. Cucumbers on the side as well. After breakfast we went out for a walk and enjoyed some fresh air.  Before lunch I had a green fruit smoothie. Since breakfast I have been flipping through the glorious pages of enticing combinations from a smoothie book I borrowed at the library this week. I didn’t exactly follow a recipe but it was enough to get me started. An interesting fact I learned is that “paw paw” is the word for papaya in Australia, how adorable! Continue reading