Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck with Underground Culinary Lab

Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6670Thanksgiving is no longer around the corner! I hope you are having a lovely extended weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. I know I will be enjoying my reading week  to catch up on courses and to recharge myself. I could not ask for a better birthday gift than a week off (p.s. tomorrow I turn 21!). A month ago I purchased a new camera lens which I am still trying to get the hang of. To make up for the lack of savoury dishes on this blog, here it is. My friends from Underground Culinary Lab (UCL) invited me to a virtual double-date potluck. Ricelessasian and Matchachoco are good friends of mine from university and also the creative masters of the UCL blog. They made a delectable pumpkin loaf and healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies here.  Check out their blog for delicious recipes, beautiful photographs, travel and much more. Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6702 Continue reading

Virtual Vegan Potluck 2013- Sweet Potato Pesto Canapés Appetizer

May I present to you a simple, delicious and nutritious appetizer. But first, please visit the beginning of the potluck on Vegan Bloggers UniteTo add, I just want to mention that although I am not vegan, I enjoy a plant-based diet and enjoy creating vegan foods.  Almost 2 years later, I am loving the plant-based lifestyle. This idea can from a time when I spread sweet potato on a slice of pumpernickel bread, added some mixed salad and tomatoes for the sake of using up leftovers. I thought the colours looked so vivid and it tasted great too.

I used an old rice cooker to steam sweet potato, exactly a twin of one below except it is grey. My parents brought it with them from Taiwan 10 years ago and it still functions quite well.


There are other ways to cook sweet potato as well such as baking or using a slow cooker, any method that works for you. I used the pieces close to the end of Whole Food’s “Seeduction bread”, whole wheat with lots of different types of seeds. Since it is not a tall loaf, it has perfect small disc sized pieces at each end. I used a store bought vegan pesto brand, Sunflower Kitchen. The basil taste is so dominant, I’m so addicted. Continue reading

Paw-Paw Fact

This morning I needed a fix for my early waking by Meatball. I was trampled in my sleep by a furry four-legged friend until I finally gave in and followed a very happy dog downstairs. Breakfast was a OneBun sandwich filled with peanut butter, jam and half an avocado. Cucumbers on the side as well. After breakfast we went out for a walk and enjoyed some fresh air.  Before lunch I had a green fruit smoothie. Since breakfast I have been flipping through the glorious pages of enticing combinations from a smoothie book I borrowed at the library this week. I didn’t exactly follow a recipe but it was enough to get me started. An interesting fact I learned is that “paw paw” is the word for papaya in Australia, how adorable! Continue reading

Wrappin’ Up That Week

Happy Monday! The new “Checklist” page was added and it is a list of personal achievements or random interests I hope to tackle.  And the spinach ricotta lasagna will be upcoming in the next post!

I was very proud of myself for beating the alarm clock by a whole hour this morning.  The course midterm exam was set for 9AM, so I wanted to squeeze in extra time to study after breakfast. I was able to take more time in my morning routine and to eat slower too. Breakfast was rye bread with peanut butter, 1/3 of a large avocado and blueberries. And a drizzle of honey  on the avocado for an extra kick of sweetness.Enjoyed every bite of the breakfast sandwich  🙂 I like to put avocado slices on bread when they are abundant and in season. The tartness of the blueberries went well with the creamy texture of the avocado. Continue reading

Valuable Mentions of The Week

Days have been hot and gloomy. My dear Wasabi and I have also been spending more time together. (Me supervising him climbing on curtains and cleaning any fallen doo-doo).

I thought I would conclude the past week with some valuable mentions of things I have made for dinner all week. Continue reading

Monday to Wednesday foodie recap

I started off the day with a good swim. It was refreshing to get back into the water. Although I work at the swimming pool, and instruct lessons weekly I don’t have time to actually swim lanes. I realize that keeping up with the daily running routine has helped to increase my endurance a lot more.  After swimming, I visited some family friends, had a light lunch and awed over a trio of adorable baby lovebirds. Continue reading

GoodLife Toronto Marathon 5k and Mini Pizza Tart Appetizers

Next week on May 6th I will be running my first 5k. I’m glad that I have a friend who agreed to participate with me 🙂 My training was quite inconsistent and probably not the most efficient.  I did my best to squeeze in time for workouts whenever I could while school took its toll. Now that school has finished (not once and for all) I can have some more time to focus on the race to come. I am a fan of Amanda Russell’s workouts since I found her on Youtube. Her workouts are easy enough to do at home and equipment free.

I wanted to follow a training plan that I found on Pintrest months ago, but I realized that it was already too late to start the 8 week regimen. I’m sure it will keep be busy during the bare months of summer ahead of me.

A few weeks ago at work, it was my turn to bring snacks for everyone. I found something like this on Reader’s Digest and jumped to it 2 hours before work that day.  I probably should have made more because everybody enjoyed it more than I thought they would 🙂 Continue reading

Potato/Spinach Cheese Knish

Offices, dental appointments, doctor’s offices all have something in common. Magazines. Loads of them. It is always nice to find an interesting recipe or something you have not tried before.

I rediscovered one of those torn pages from Saveur magazine, with a recipe for knishes. But I wanted to confine the internet for other options. I do not know much about these, but from what was found online knishes are savoury-filled turnovers popularized by Jewish immigrants. They turned out great, and the dough was fluffy and chewy. Continue reading