Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck with Underground Culinary Lab

Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6670Thanksgiving is no longer around the corner! I hope you are having a lovely extended weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. I know I will be enjoying my reading week  to catch up on courses and to recharge myself. I could not ask for a better birthday gift than a week off (p.s. tomorrow I turn 21!). A month ago I purchased a new camera lens which I am still trying to get the hang of. To make up for the lack of savoury dishes on this blog, here it is. My friends from Underground Culinary Lab (UCL) invited me to a virtual double-date potluck. Ricelessasian and Matchachoco are good friends of mine from university and also the creative masters of the UCL blog. They made a delectable pumpkin loaf and healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies here.  Check out their blog for delicious recipes, beautiful photographs, travel and much more. Pumpkin Spinach Lasgna DSC_6702 Continue reading

Rice Cooker Ratatouille

There is something humbling and beautiful about the word ratatouille.  Perhaps because it was a meal common among peasants and maybe because the charming Disney movie hit the heart in all the right places. Words cannot describe how much I love that Pixar movie, there is so much passion for food. Paired with the weather, a warm savoury dish couldn’t be more suitable for this time of year. The colourful leaves are falling and the air crisp. Continue reading

Happy Canada Day Cake

Happy Birthday Canada/ Happy July 1st/ Happy Canada Day!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these fruit flags. It is as simple as it gets – banana, raspberries and strawberries. Not to mention, a cake like this is raw, gluten free, lactose free, sulfite free. I always have a giggle when certain products unnecessarily use dietary restrictions for marketing purposes. Continue reading

Frozen Flora

Happy Holidays all! This year is truly a white Christmas or more so a frozen one. Being over the moon with finishing exams, besides work I can’t really say I have been all that productive. A weekend escape in Montreal with a friend, catching up on beauty sleep, a little shopping, reading and more snoozing sums it up.

Although we did not experience the worst, unfortunately many people in the city went without electricity for the past few days because of the crazy weather. Many trees have collapsed from the weight of the ice. The frozen beauty that the weather brought has everyone snapping pictures. Like others, I spent the past few days mesmerized and collecting photos. Continue reading

A Quick Thanksgiving Note

Happy Thanksgiving to all friends in the U.S and anyone else celebrating it. Hope your weekends are warm and filled with good company. If not, maybe it can be a time to recharge and relax a bit. If you are still in the mood after today…
there some pumpkin and cranberry related recipes on the blog that might be fun to try out.
On a quick, according to Foodimentary today is National Chocolate Day. Though I’m not exactly sure where the source of this is, I wish there was an earlier notice for more time to be thrilled by this. Happy Thanksgiving and National Chocolate Day to whichever you may be celebrating!

Kale Wraps and Pumpkin Pie

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend again and I’m extra thankful for the time that reading week is placed this year. Before heading home on the last day of the week, I grabbed some organic kale from one of our campus gardens. It’s been on my eye for weeks! A friend made a great suggestion to use them as wraps. I added some brown rice, sauteed greens, tomatoes, pineapple, cranberries and vegan pesto.
I’m sticking to my go-to pumpkin pie recipe this year again. It was a first baking through midnight and quite therapeutic to the busy week. Lately I’ve been into making homemade almond milk; recipe will be posted soon but it is also easy to find online. If you have made your own before, you’ll know that there is a huge amount of almond pulp residue. It’s too much of a waste to throw it out. I used that goodstuff as the crust of the pie, along with some maple syrup and coconut oil.  Fun fact, it was just National Pumpkin Pie Day.  Foodimentary is a fun read, I like scrolling through the National Food Holidays and reading about other events in history Continue reading

July Week Recap

July 1st was  Canada Day/ Fête du Canada and the most eventful day of the week (besides Tuesday)! I was in the city again. After volunteering, I headed to Queens Park. There was a huge festival with carnival attractions for kids. Two high school students asked to quickly interview me about the historical and social meaning of Canada Day. I’m sure I was no help for the historical questions… but I tried to make up for it with the other ones.

After a brief stroll, I walked to the Harbour Front Centre to meet up with my parents. It took close to an hour to walk there but made a stop at a coffee shop for some iced tea. Continue reading

Pumpkin in Your Tummy- 3 Ways

Today was National Dessert Day. I happily indulged in some homemade larabars that I prepared a few days ago. Extra fudgy mmm…It was also my birthday, happy birthday to me. How beautiful is this set of flowers. Thank you to my friends April and Jenn for this special surprise.

The upcoming week will be a busy week in terms of school, I pretty much spent the day on my butt and giving it my all to avoid distractions. Last weekend was an amazing few days spent in Waterloo with my friends Mavis and Jona. I count that as my blessed birthday present.

And exactly one week ago was Thanksgiving here in Canada, which means…pumpkin! There are 3 recipes I will be sharing.

The first one is this pumpkin loaf. I mentioned in the last post that I found this recipe at the farmers market. After making some changes to the recipe and baking it at home, I am very happy with how it came out. It was not too sweet and was very moist and dense. Continue reading

Who Says Pumpkin Pie is Just for The Holidays

 Some of my favourite things are pumpkin pie and coconut cream! For the love of pumpkin pie, it shall be year-around. The coconut cream referred to in the recipe is the solid part of a can of coconut milk. Refrigerate the can, when it is opened there will be a distinct separation between the solid and the coconut water.  Continue reading

Late Gingerbread Cookies

This is probably the first time ever  making gingerbread cookies from scratch. Gingerbread construction houses were done a couple of times in my childhood, but no one enjoyed it as much as I did 😦 sadly that tradition died and we never felt the need to make the houses again. Luckily I had 3 weeks of winter break this year! I finished 4 exams back-to-back. Why would the university do that?! I can still remember how drained tired I was, physically that is. For some reason, I always feel mentally awake, and if my body did not need sleep, I could go on without it. Continue reading