The Checklist

When I began this blog, I realized that I write about many things I want to experience. Short term or long term goals, whether it’s food, activities or other random things. I finally put together the list and it’s sure to keep growing, so let’s get checking-off:

1. Try the traditional Japanese food, natto. ( Sometime in fall 2013)

2. Eat a purple yam. (Eaten on June 28, 2012)

2. Find out if durian fruit really tastes like ice cream.

3. Compile a dance dare with friends. Hence the hilarious contests from the Ellen show (here and here)

4. Go to a salsa club and dance the night away.

5. Learn to cook okra, fiddle head and artichoke.

6. Memorize the subway stations in order.

7. Get back into competitive swimming, or at least join a master’s swim club.

8. Rescue an animal( a baby bird and a bunny) 

9. Complete a 5k race. (Finished the Goodlife 5k in 31 minutes on May 6th, 2012)

10. Attend a wine tasting workshop. (With non-alcoholic wine if that counts)

11. Travel somewhere international. (August 15 to September 1st, 2012 in Taiwan)

12. Commit to finishing one book before skimming through another. I’m talking about Food Inc.!

13. Sleep at a set time every night for at least a week.

14. Develop a friendly relationship (close enough to greet each other by name) with a stranger who I may see on a daily basis.

15. Discover around the different neighbourhoods of Toronto– specifically:  Entertainment District, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, Corso Italia, Distillery District, Kensington Market, there are too many. This will do for now. 

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