Blog Site Moved to the Netherlands

Hello~ and thank you for dropping by. In the 3 or 4 some years I had this blog I learned to improve my writing, cooking and photography. This blog has been an outlet for creativity and personal growth when I needed to take time out of my studies to do something for myself.

Since my last post, I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree in Toronto (happiest day in my life!!), traveled in Germany/Netherlands/ UK and returned back to Toronto to start my first job out of university. After almost one year, I left my job along with the amazing colleagues and bosses I now call good friends to pursue my Masters degree in the Netherlands. But rest assured, no more studying after this..!

I wish I could adorn this post with pictures to show where God & life has brought me. But apparently my maxed out disk allowance restricts me from doing so. That brings me to start a new blog PARDON MIJN DUTCH which will document the experiences I encounter in my next journey abroad. Hope to see you there~

Green Sunshine Smoothie

Green Sunshine Green Smoothie1-DSC_7013-marked A little trick I’ve been doing has made all the difference in the morning rush before work or classes. Making smoothies the night before saves the time and effort needed to lug out the blender, wash fruits and veggies.  This way I can ensure that I will have something healthy to start the day off right. Some days I may make a large batch of about 8 cups which can last me for more than a day, this is also great for afternoon snacks. Continue reading

To Address the Strange: Pee Desperation

I chuckled for a good few minutes reading through the WordPress summary for search terms used on the Eat Pray Bake blog recently. I hope this non-food related post brings a little smile on your face as it did for me. It may be safe to say the following have been the strangest or most unique by far.desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014 desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014a prayer when baking-nov 17, 2014a Unfortunately I am not too sure when I mentioned praying during baking. Maybe I was praying for a cake to turn out perfectly? However, for those interested in my desperation to pee I may have the answer to what you search for. Continue reading

Ordering Coffee…For the First Time?

Good afternoon. When it comes to coffee culture I am as amateur as it gets. I feel a little adventurous today and step away from the chic coffee table.  Moments ago I ordered my first coffee ever from Balzac’s Coffee shop on campus in Toronto. The first item that catches my eye. A cafe mocha with almond milk to keep me cozy while I finish a research paper, please. I have pulled many near all-nighters, worked long shifts and attended early classes without the help of coffee. Today I shall see what I am missing out on.

I found the cinnamon and cocoa powder shakers and added a few touches onto the foaming cloud.  I’m not confident how well my unhabitualized body will be able to tolerate the caffeine. I feel an imminent headache, but a caffeinated pick-me-up feels right in the atmosphere of screaming coffee machines and distant funky music. On top of ordering coffee for the first time, I’ve had a few samples of Ontario wine from the weekly farmer’s market earlier.

Continue reading

Happy Canada Day Cake

Happy Birthday Canada/ Happy July 1st/ Happy Canada Day!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these fruit flags. It is as simple as it gets – banana, raspberries and strawberries. Not to mention, a cake like this is raw, gluten free, lactose free, sulfite free. I always have a giggle when certain products unnecessarily use dietary restrictions for marketing purposes. Continue reading

Lilac Loving, Sporting Life 10k, MIA update

I love this spot in my neighbourhood where this huge lilac plant is currently in full bloom. Lately I’ve been making the most of the warm evenings with my bike, to get outside more. I’ve been MIA for a while because I am taking 3 more courses in the summer…yay!…volunteering at a hospital and I also started a new summer job at a raw foods eatery.  Sometimes I ask myself why I made the summer so busy again. It was purely a logical decision. But with fingers crossed, it will be worth it because it is the last summer semester of this undergraduate degree. Continue reading

Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium & Pieces of the Musée Océanographique de Monaco

In celebration of the end of the term, finishing exams, as well as my dear friend and colleague Shatabdi’s going away (some of us like to call it retirement party), we spent the afternoon at  the aquarium for another day-venture.  In the picture from the left: Alaa, Shatabdi, Cindy, Avalon, me. Avalon has already left  to the west coast, we are going to miss them but they are moving on to do bigger better things.  The aquarium was newly opened in Toronto sometime at the end of last year and it has been quite the anticipation on my list.  Since it opened, the majority of my friends have visited and shared tons of well photographed pictures of the sea creatures but it is something everyone should see for themselves.

One of the best parts of the aquarium was the snail-speed conveyor belt that stretched through the display tunnel. Continue reading