To Address the Strange: Pee Desperation

I chuckled for a good few minutes reading through the WordPress summary for search terms used on the Eat Pray Bake blog recently. I hope this non-food related post brings a little smile on your face as it did for me. It may be safe to say the following have been the strangest or most unique by far.desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014 desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014a prayer when baking-nov 17, 2014a Unfortunately I am not too sure when I mentioned praying during baking. Maybe I was praying for a cake to turn out perfectly? However, for those interested in my desperation to pee I may have the answer to what you search for. In a post I wrote  more than 1 year ago, I described an incident about the time when I traveled to Nice, France from a small French town called Roquebrune-Cap-Martin to meet a friend. The reason for me being in France in the first place was to teach English abroad and take time to experience the culture authentically. To keep the background short, I won’t go into much detail now but let me know if you are interested in hearing more about my experience living with a home-stay family and how I arranged a teaching-abroad in France.

I believe it was a Sunday which explained why most public facilities were closed. After a long bus ride of close to 60 minutes, I did in fact need to pee. There are many people who have bladders of steel, but my petite body is not blessed with the same physical ability. It was near the end of summer yet humidity and tank tops still ruled the South of France.  Hydration is key as we know it in the health field, and as you can imagine I brought a water bottle with me on the bus…and mother nature follows. The strange phrases that appeared on the search term summary reminded me of how much I loved my stay in the South of France, and of course that unforgettable and terrifying experience! You can see the post here, Under the Sun In Nice. I hope this puts a rest to the curiosity about the case of a girl desperate to pee!

the beautiful Nice

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