Super Easy Key Lime Pie

Sitting here again, about to type another post and wondering what exactly do I know about St. Patrick’s day?… I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know much to it. With the help of google, I finally realize what “shamrock” is—a clover. I’m probably the last person to find out. But did you know, the shamrock was used to represent the Holy Trinity?  Last night some colleagues from work went to the St. Patty’s campus pub night and invited me to tag along. But after a week of busy projects and definitely sleep deprived, I diverted home instead. 

Anywho, I thought I would share a little something to contribute to the wave of green coloured recipes and hey, it is my favourite colour. This Key Lime Pie is very lightly adapted from Blogilates. Cassey has a really cool series called Cheap Clean Eats. The original recipe is linked here, and it’s also no-bake and vegan. I love the simplicity of the recipe and it’s so creamy. Continue reading

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich with Banana Soft Serve

I made these ice cream sandwiches about two weeks ago and put most of them away in the freezer because the weather was cold. Today is even more humid than yesterday therefore it calls for ice creams sandwiches. Who doesn’t like a cold little indulgence on such days?

While I was searching for a new vegan cookie recipe, I found Katie’s Copycat Chocolate Brownie Vitamuffin recipe. I highly recommend Katie’s recipe, it even incorporates pumpkin puree.
I cut back on a few tablespoons of sugar and I am pretty sure I added a bit too much salt, my first batch came out a tad unpalatable. My cookies were a little plain to taste, but it also was not worth throwing away.  Luckily I always keep chopped frozen bananas in case I need them in smoothies. The amount of bananas use in the recipe made more than enough for 6 ice cream sandwiches. Extras can be frozen in a plastic wrap-lined container.

They are super easy to make. Now I have no excuse to buy frozen treats from grocery stores. Continue reading

Chocolate Coconut Banana Popsicle

The weather is starting to heat up and these popsicles are the perfect treats. What’s better than a healthy fruit popsicle with a chocolate coconut coating?  Kick those sugar, fat and additive loaded store bought treats away, I guarantee this one will be just the thing to quench your taste buds.

Despite that bananas are high in sugar, they also contain a good amount of fiber including the prebiotic inulin that helps to keep the digestive tract healthy. From the book “100 Foods to Stay Young”, bananas are beneficial for heart health due to its high levels of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Helps kidney function and eliminate fluid retention to reduce puffiness.  Continue reading

Snowstorm and Valentines Day Appropriate Makes

Good morning snow! I woke up before 6am this morning, scrammed to clean myself up and eat breakfast all to find out only 5 minutes before leaving home that classes are cancelled today. The snowstorm is blasting some 20 cm of snow.  It is a miracle and my first snow day ever 🙂 Before the mental alertness wears off, I will try to make something productive out of my time before taking a nap.

It’s Valentines Day next week and it is a great excuse to get creative and messy in the kitchen. I usually do not like the hype around this day but who doesn’t like making delicious desserts and having an excuse to eat chocolate. My newest find is the Ritter Sport marzipan flavour. A few months ago my friend introduced me to marzipan, oh you must try marzipan in chocolate.

The recipes I have been experimenting with for the past few months seem to have a chocolate-intensive- appropriateness for Valentines Day. I followed the original recipes fairly closely, and I will list out the small changes made to each.

1. Raw Chocolate Cream Cake
doubled the crust because 1 portion was not enough for the filling as I did not mold them in cookie cutters to make individuals pieces.
-For the crust, 4 squares of baker’s chocolate was used instead of 1/2 cup cocoa powder
; and 2 squares of baker’s chocolate for the filling.
-No changes to the chocolate sauce. I probably used a few table spoons of the sauce, so next time I will make 1/3 of the chocolate sauce recipe.

These got great reviews when I brought them to a Christmas party for friends. Not overboard at all, it’s a perfect balance between sweet and chocolate.They taste great anytime in the stages of being defrosted.

  2. Black Bean Brownies
substituted 2 eggs by using 1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce plus 1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch +1 tbsp water

Great for a snack, breakfast and for making someone smile. 🙂 Extras ones can be frozen as well.
No one will be able to detect the presence of  beans!
3. Vegan Cranberry Cream Cheese Bars
cashew creamcheese square Adaptions:
-changes to the crust: used almonds instead of walnuts (because cheaper and more on hand), used honey instead of coconut nectar, and a dash of cinnamon because I didn’t have cinnamon sticks
added juice of 1 lemon (3-4 tbsp) to the Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe

The best part about the recipe:
Making your own “cream cheese”. It does need 24 hours (so do the cashews to soak) to dry but it is worth the wait. There was nothing I could find to hang the cheesecloth on, so this was my set up. The cream cheese turned out wonderful, it was slightly crumbly but still retained the right amount of moisture. It might not taste the most outstanding alone, but it really comes together with the whole recipe.
cashew creamcheese square2 Before cutting, run knife under hot water. Dab off the water and slice. cashew creamcheese square1Duty calls, I must shovel the snow outside before it builds up even more. Happy Friday!

Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake

I haven’t posted since the end of July because I sort of fell into a slump. Besides being lazy and using the computer much less, we have a special guest staying with us. He requires a lot of attention and energy, and he does motivate me to walk and run more than I am currently.Meatball is with us once again for a month while his owners are on vacation. It’s no surprise to hear him charging into my room in the morning. It’s funny that I can now somehow hear him running while even before I wake up, then I bolt up and wave my arms around to block him from jumping on me.

I will be heading to Taiwan in exactly a week and I had a lot of hustling to do with my housing search for the coming fall.  Scheduling was very crammed and last minute but I also met with a real estate agent for a viewing of a unit minutes (walking) away from school. The view was magnificent, however the space and the price was sadly a thumbs down. Although I haven’t been posting, I’m still cooking and trying out some recipes. And I have a bunch of things lining up.  I want to share the latest bit of the raw vegan cheesecake. It was requested from a colleague at work and I was excited to have others try it.  I was nervous for their likings because it definitely tastes different from regular rich cheesecakes, but it received many approvals 🙂This is time around it is Chocolate Coconut Raspberry. I wanted to post a week ago but I thought the photos had been accidentally deleted. Little did I know that it was in another folder. It is a spin-off of the Chocolate Berry Swirl  flavour  made last time. The special ingredient for this one is coconut shreds.If you would like to see the recipe,  you can take a look at vegan cheesecake #1 or #2 . Some changes to the basic recipe include:

  • layered the plain filling first, and crumbled on top some frozen raspberries
  • used about 3-4 tbsp cocoa powder for the chocolate layer
  • added about 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut to the chocolate layer (but sweetened coconut would work too)
  • layered the chocolate filling second and sprinkled on more coconut before freezing.

Goodnight, I will continue tomorrow!

Chocolate Berry Swirl Cheesecake (Raw & Vegan) and Catch-ups

This is another creation of raw vegan cheesecake . It was the first time making something like this when I was preparing a dessert for the Virtual Vegan Potluck.   They were made as small individual “cheesecakes” in the first making, this time I made it in a small springform pan.

Sadly the coconut oil was all used up for the crust. 1 tsp of coconut oil plus 3 tbsps of yogurt seemed to do the trick for the filling. This the cheesecake has a chocolate layer with cocoa powder and a plain layer that was sprinkled with  frozen raspberries and blueberries.

The cheesecake was actually made a week or two ago, but it stores well in the freezer. I brought out the half eaten cheesecake from the freezer today before lunch. My friend and I each had a piece for a mid-morning snack. Continue reading

Virtual Vegan Potluck: MangoBerry Vegan Cheesecake

Today is the Vegan Potluck day! Thank you to Annie for hosting this event and bringing together so many people. I would love to meet all these bloggers in real life. I know for sure I’m going to be busy in the kitchen trying out all the recipes for the next week.

Who’s ready for another round of dessert? Mini raw vegan cheesecakes with multilayered flavours. No cheese? No milk? No butter?  Nope, nope and nope. Then what’s that in the “cheesecake”? Continue reading