Ordering Coffee…For the First Time?

Good afternoon. When it comes to coffee culture I am as amateur as it gets. I feel a little adventurous today and step away from the chic coffee table.  Moments ago I ordered my first coffee ever from Balzac’s Coffee shop on campus in Toronto. The first item that catches my eye. A cafe mocha with almond milk to keep me cozy while I finish a research paper, please. I have pulled many near all-nighters, worked long shifts and attended early classes without the help of coffee. Today I shall see what I am missing out on.

I found the cinnamon and cocoa powder shakers and added a few touches onto the foaming cloud.  I’m not confident how well my unhabitualized body will be able to tolerate the caffeine. I feel an imminent headache, but a caffeinated pick-me-up feels right in the atmosphere of screaming coffee machines and distant funky music. On top of ordering coffee for the first time, I’ve had a few samples of Ontario wine from the weekly farmer’s market earlier.

As much as I would like to extend this break, my paper won’t magically finish itself. If only.

Are you a coffee drinker? What do you usually order and how do you take it?

‘Till next time!


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