Lilac Loving, Sporting Life 10k, MIA update

I love this spot in my neighbourhood where this huge lilac plant is currently in full bloom. Lately I’ve been making the most of the warm evenings with my bike, to get outside more. I’ve been MIA for a while because I am taking 3 more courses in the summer…yay!…volunteering at a hospital and I also started a new summer job at a raw foods eatery.  Sometimes I ask myself why I made the summer so busy again. It was purely a logical decision. But with fingers crossed, it will be worth it because it is the last summer semester of this undergraduate degree. The Sporting Life 10k Race in May went really well. At one point while practicing for the run, I was saying “I can’t do it anymore!” after only 20 minutes of running. We only had time to practice a few days before the race. Luckily my friend Rob who also participated in the race was reassuring. The race was downhill on Yonge Street in Toronto, and there was something special about seeing the city change as the race progressed further south. After the race I ended up bumping into a friend I used to work with at the swimming pool. That’s Calvert in the picture above, me on the right. The race ended near the water front before noon. Look at the amazing view of the boats. I have been meaning to make a post on Karine’s Vegan & Vegetarian restaurant, it is probably my favourite place to eat in Toronto. I had the roasted veg sandwich again, yum! The owner is too adorable for words, I love it when she asks “What can I get for you, sweetie baby?A friend and I recently discovered these fruit brownies in a health food store. They mostly consist of bananas. It’s chewy and does tend to stick to the teeth. The guava one was not for me, but all good things for the pineapple brownie :). I think I might be MIA again but hopefully not too long. Hope you had a great weekend!


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