Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium & Pieces of the Musée Océanographique de Monaco

In celebration of the end of the term, finishing exams, as well as my dear friend and colleague Shatabdi’s going away (some of us like to call it retirement party), we spent the afternoon at  the aquarium for another day-venture.  In the picture from the left: Alaa, Shatabdi, Cindy, Avalon, me. Avalon has already left  to the west coast, we are going to miss them but they are moving on to do bigger better things.  The aquarium was newly opened in Toronto sometime at the end of last year and it has been quite the anticipation on my list.  Since it opened, the majority of my friends have visited and shared tons of well photographed pictures of the sea creatures but it is something everyone should see for themselves.

One of the best parts of the aquarium was the snail-speed conveyor belt that stretched through the display tunnel.
DSC00008And we spotted baby Nemo again, my favorite.

There was quite the handful of interactive things for kids. A few being pop-in display holes, and another was the crawl-through shark tunnel.  We made our way through the humid tunnel with the encouragement of  the little boy in front ahead of us who said “my mom told me to pretend to be a fish!” 

Being at the aquarium made me remember the Musée Océanographique in Monaco! I realized completely forgot to post about it. The stone structure of the museum’s exterior was so beautiful and the aquarium displays were incredible. My pals Donat and Taha came from Nice to see it with me. Some photos from the museum in Monaco:

I am not sure if that building is the Musée Océanographique (it’s been a while). If not, it was one of the many beautiful buildings around it, a cathedral I believe.

One of the best displays was the wall of marine artifacts.

I hope you had a good Mother’s Day. My mom was in Taiwan with her mama so we didn’t do anything yet. I’m looking forward to this long weekend and having an off-day tomorrow. Since exams ended, I can’t say things have been lighter with the extra courses that began soon after. Have a great day!


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