Baby Orchid

I bought this beautiful orchid recently, it was labeled as “fragrant orchid” but I am still trying to search for  the exact species name. I like to call it a baby orchid when people ask because the flowers are so tiny! The florist said it should only last for about 3 weeks. Please live forever. I never understood why women love flowers and bouquets but oddly enough it’s growing on me. I can’t stop admiring it.The other day, lost and desperate in search of an address I ended up hailing a cab who drove me there within a few minutes. I was so close but couldn’t find the small street.  I dropped off a package and hurried back inside the taxi. Squeezing past the little space between a truck and a mountain of solid snow, I slipped hard on my knee but jolted back to the taxi as the tab was ticking and embarrassed that he might have seen me. With only a few people around,I pulled up my pants later on the subway to see what had happened my knee. I tried not to gasp at the skin…like the ones you get in grade 4 from running too fast on the pavement. It was awkward grossing out the man across my seat.

I’m getting over a cold and some allergy symptoms with a tea of hot water, lemon, honey, ginger slices and cinnamon. Today I spent the day reading and did a Tracey Mallet dance workout.  It may be fun but it really gets me sweating.

I made a salad of romaine lettuce, lentils, cucumber, pine nuts, strawberries and balsamic vinegar for lunch. On another note, I signed up for a 10k Sporting Life race in May with some friends from work. 10k may not seem like much to many runners but I am not a long distance runner. My goal is to finish under 65 minutes. At this point I  don’t know what I am getting myself into yet but I can anticipate how fun it will be with a team :).

Let me know, have you started making any plans or goals for the summer?


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