Weekend Escape Montreal

Happy New Years! Even though the holiday season has already passed, I really want to share one of the highlights of the end of the year. If you ever get a chance to visit Montreal in the winter, be prepared for how beautiful it is and be warned of the cold weather! At times we could barely stay outside for 5 minutes. In a conversation weeks before exams, my friend and I were talking about traveling. We came across Montreal and both related to not having seen it in the winter yet. Having something to look forward to helped me get through the two weeks of academic chaos. Exams finished and we found last minute travel tickets. We also used AirBnB to find accommodation.

The next morning after arriving we had lunch at Propulsion a vegan cafe in The Gay Village. It was just one metro station from our place. It was a small and cozy cafe. One of my favourite aspect of it was the hip atmosphere. Our server Nick was so friendly, somehow in our chat he ended up telling us about the cafe’s new piano. Before we knew it, he was playing all kinds of peaceful and classical compositions as we dined. We both got their sandwiches with a side of fresh veggie or veggie chips and salsa. Victoria had the purple taro portobello and I got the mungo mango. The food was fresh and delicious, so happy we were able to visit.
We spent the day wandering around the main sites of the city. There was not enough time to visit everything we wanted but we hit some good ones. The Port, Notre Dame, McGill and even the Eaton’s Centre of Montreal (I walk through the Eaton Centre of Toronto almost daily to get to school).  It was a funny coincidence how we met two girls, Jubi and Hana. We ended up spending the evening together on our last day. They showed us Mount Royal, the city from the mountain and we had dinner at the vegan restaurant Aux Vivres, which was conveniently nearby.  I love the spread of options and went with the Buddha Bowl, it also included rice underneath all the greens. Definitely a recommended place when visiting! After venturing Old Montreal during one of the last nights, fireworks were shown at the Old Port. Despite it feeling like –30 degrees C something, there was a huge crowd. Another cool cafe was Cacao 71. We visited twice so I had the chance to try the 75% cacao  and the 100% cacao with dairy-free milk. It was very very very chocolatey but such a treat. That was the last memory of Montreal, warm and chocolatey. It would not have been an amazing weekend escapade without my of closest friends. Hope I will see you soon Montreal.


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