Frozen Flora

Happy Holidays all! This year is truly a white Christmas or more so a frozen one. Being over the moon with finishing exams, besides work I can’t really say I have been all that productive. A weekend escape in Montreal with a friend, catching up on beauty sleep, a little shopping, reading and more snoozing sums it up.

Although we did not experience the worst, unfortunately many people in the city went without electricity for the past few days because of the crazy weather. Many trees have collapsed from the weight of the ice. The frozen beauty that the weather brought has everyone snapping pictures. Like others, I spent the past few days mesmerized and collecting photos.The beautiful DIY rose christmas tree took 2 days to finish. It wasn’t perfect but it will do! I ended up having to fill in empty spaces with small roses made from scraps. The tutorial is from Life of a Bio Nerd and linked here. Be ready to use a lot of glue sticks!


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