Birthday at the Museum

“This stuff is It’s totally up your alley!”

Keeping in mind what the graphic design student at the group fair recommended, I was so happy to see the museum exhibit for myself. It was even better with good company on my birthday. The Land Slide Possible Futures exhibit explored themes of multiculturalism, sustainability and community.

In much anticipation to see the sunflowers that were planted strategically to grow in a visible timeline, I can’t say I was disappointed. It looked pretty amazing, what an idea.

There were many exhibits scattered outside the museum itself such as this honey bee planting design.
There were many photos I took playing around with my camera. The rest is a bit of a photo diary, so if you enjoy photography…look on 🙂 Not a gingerbread house as it seemed from afar. And lastly we ended up finding the lush community garden. We tried edible flowers for the first time and were invited to take home some greens. So glad to have spent my birthday at such a beautiful place with an amazing friend. And a mention to the cutest Nemo toy that a friend from France sent. Thank you!


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