Ode to Early Fall

It started from a seed in the beginning of the summer. It’s a bit late to report now, however, the pots of basil have bloomed! This is probably the first time my basil plants have lived so long without withering and limping.  They were not looking so great indoors, but after putting them outside the leaves and stems grew much stronger. The aroma of basil is so fresh…also addicting.  Although the white flowers are so beautiful, they should be picked off to encourage growth. Did I mention that I am always looking for the next best banana bread recipe? Purely Twins’  Plantain Banana Bread is my most recent find, breakfast and snack worthy! I used a muffin pan instead because sometimes it’s nice to have individual pieces ready for on-the-go needs. They were so moist and just enough sweetness.  The only substitute made was using 4 bananas instead of 3 bananas + 1 plantain and whole wheat flour. I love the combination of bananas and cinnamon, so some extra cinnamon and crushed walnuts were added to the batter too. An ode goes out to the Harvest Party in September. It was an event that ended the summer and kicked off the fall for me. The majority of the produce from our campus gardens were harvested and cooked into amazing things.
Free, delicious, colourful, healthy, local food was served on one of the main streets at school. Having volunteered with the garden group in the past, I was so proud to see the community coming together. And it is amazing how many people free food can attract! This year I was able to help out with food preparations ahead of the event and some set-up for the event.  There’s something special about having  8 gardens around the campus in the core of Toronto. A small farmer’s market took place alongside the Harvest Party. The adorable kids from the campus day care presented a basket of vegetables to a faculty member. How precious!Additional notable faculty and non-faculty members gave a few words and the lineup for lunch began.All the food made were vegan. Do I need to mention how beautiful and delicious it was?? I don’t remember everything that ended up on the plate.  I can recall an eggplant roll with babaganoush, potato and pickle salad,and  green salad with peaches and vinaigrette. I couldn’t leave the farmer’s market without tasting the different local Ontario honey. BeeGrrl stood out to me, not only because the taste is more subtle than ones I usually use, but also because the bees pollinate inside a winery in the Niagara region. They also do a lot of urban beekeeping which is super interesting, and there’s more info on their website here. If you made it to here, thanks for reading! The past few weeks have been frantic and it felt like I was holding my breath until yesterday. Other than that, I am currently staying downtown in the city to ease the commute time to school. And it’s an early morning tomorrow for me, goodnight for now and I hope you had a great weekend!


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