Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival 2013

As terrible as it is already being a slow blogger, there are far too many things get put off and on hold. After coming back home I developed a serious cold.  A sandpaper-like throat, cracked voice, sniffles…the ones that usually only appear once or twice a year for me. I’m suspicious that it might have had something to do with sitting next to the guy with the flu on the plane for 9 hours. Other than that, September has been so great. Some of the highlights of the weeks..

Cravings let loose. Bibimbap —check. Although it is usually eaten with rice, surprisingly it’s even better in a sandwich.
Mango slushi makes everything better. I was literally as happy as in the picture.

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival took place in the beginning of the month by the harbourfront.

It was such a blast seeing the event with a good friend. We were already full from the samples but still got a few small items for dinner and dessert.
We got the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a blueberry cupcake from Tori’s Bakeshop. It’s a local Toronto based bakery, with all vegan products and a good selection of gluten free items.  The set-up was too adorable!  We couldn’t miss out on Chocosol‘s booth! Last year I had the chance to visit Chocosol’s facility in Toronto 🙂 We shared a cup of ice chocolate drink. My friend got some chocolate tablets and I got the chocolate pucks to try making the drinks at home. Here’s a first to Indian “timpa rolls”. A fermented chickpea paste wrapped in steamed swiss chard. I really liked the spiced rolls. I’m hoping to try it out when time permits. The most similar recipe from google search seems to be one like The Taste Space’s. I tried kombucha for the first time and I loved it. RISE is a company from Montreal. The fizziness was so soothing to my sore throat. I’m glad I tried this brand first because it has just the right amount of flavour balance and the taste of  mint was so refreshing. A few days after the festival I tried GT’s Kombucha thinking it would be a good idea to try different brands. Personally, GT’s is too pungent and vinegar-y for my taste. I asked for a refund and exchanged for a bottle of RISE.

Also trying some new recipes. I was so glad there was a big bowl of peaches at home because I’ve been waiting to try Hangry Tale’s Coconut & Ceach Crisp cobbler recipe. It turned out just as amazing as it sounds.
Checking out the Vegetarian Food Festival with a close friend was definitely the highlight of the month so far. Cheers!


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