An Evening in Menton

I’ve been MIA again but with reasons of adapting to a more regular sleep schedule and taking on some more activities during the day. As much as I enjoy it here, admittedly ,  it can feel lonely sometimes not having others my age to talk to. Strangely, the agency for the travel abroad program we use does not organize meet ups or gatherings.
Two weeks ago I got in touch with an au-pair from the next town for an evening in Menton. I’ve had the chance to visit Menton on more than one occasion already but I was happy to be there again. The centre-ville is so lively and definitely is a hot spot for tourism.  Before having dinner, Anne and I shopped around the narrow street stores. I was on the look-out for summer dresses, but I ended up buying a pair of denim capri-pants because I can hardly find any in Toronto. Capri pants were popular years ago, but now it’s all about the skinny jeans.

For dinner, we shared margherita pizza and salad at La Belle Escale. We had our eyes on dessert while we were shopping along the streets earlier. After eating, we headed to the a chocolatier. We wanted to try everything, but it was quite expensive.  MMmm..We sat in the plaza and tasted various pieces of our selection.
It was a simple night of walking, sharing stories, shopping and talking. Before going our separate ways we climbed up the stairs to see the St. Michael cathedral. The picture doesn’t do justice to the view of the sea from the cathedral. The architecture and colour of the buildings are so beautiful. A view like this just makes me sigh in awe.


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