5 Times the Fun

It was a blast visiting Nice again with 4 other friends. Although we actually did not do anything special it was great having more company and visiting the beautiful city another time.  Despite passing some outgoing stare-ers I happily report that this time around no creepy pervert  prawled on me (as did during the first visit) when I arrived alone in the morning.As the bus ride from Roquebrune to Nice was about an hour, I searched for the toilets again upon arrival. Keeping in mind that most restaurants only allow the toilets for customers, I walked into an empty restaurant and asked for help as I opened my map. I pointed out to the barista what I was searching for and luckily he was kind enough to gesture me to the restaurant toilets. I heard a faint “Je t’aime” as I walked past him and his colleague. It was quite funny for me because I think I received special treatment in part of wearing a dress. Walking around the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts as I waited for Alexis and Jana to arrive from St. Tropez. We ate lunch sur le pouce. From a grocery store we shared some tabbouleh, guacamole, bread and raw veggies.  We actually walked around in Vieux Nice searching for free spoons to eat lunch with. Luckily we obtained some spoons from a gelaterie. And of course we had gelato. This time I tried pear and mandarin.Later we walked to Place Massena. Unfortunately the girls had to catch the train home shortly after the boys joined us. We used the tramway to accompany them to the train station. It was such a hot afternoon. After saying our goodbyes, we walked to the Promenade des Anglais and spontaneously hopped onto the little train for tourists. The turquoise water was so tempting. The train ride was really nothing special (because Vieux Nice is completely walkable…unless you want to see the city from the hilltop) but I had such a blast. I’ve seen them when I was in Nice last time, and ever since I have been anticipating on riding it through the city like a full blown tourist. DSC08563 copy We stopped on top of the city, 10 minutes for a break.  Some say one of Nice’s most popular dish is socca. Host mom told me that it is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed. I think it was very affordable too, 3 euros for a large piece. One of the guys was fasting so he couldn’t eat with me and the other is not too fond of socca. It is not a very good picture but I liked the simple taste and dense texture of the chickpea flour pancake. The majority of it was packed and taken home. Till next time, Nice.


2 thoughts on “5 Times the Fun

  1. I had such fond memory of Nice. Remembered taking a night train from Bordeaux and the train conductor had to yell “Nice (as in the English pronounciation)! Nice!” to wake me up!

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