Under the Sun in Nice

Today I took the local Ligne D’Azur bus from Carnoles to Nice. The bus drove along the sea, so I couldn’t complain about the 40 minute ride. Once I arrived, I looked for a public bathroom but not many shops and restaurants were open near the port. A middle-aged man who was sitting outside drinking his beer and smoking stopped me as I entered the bar. In French he asked what I was doing for the day and if I wanted to go to the beach with him later. I gave him a quick answer telling him I was meeting a friend today but he cut me off and told me that he would wait for me outside.
In the small bar an elderly man helped me with the toilette procedure to get a token of some sort from the bartender. Being the only one under 21 and the only female in the bar I clung onto the dear old man who tried to help me. Bless him. He told me he came from New York, though many many years ago so we resorted to converse en français. After finding my way to the toilet, I headed out and walked as fast as I could without acknowledging the man who spoke to me outside. Coming to a crossroad and thinking that I had out-ran him, he caught up to me and again asked to spend time together at the beach. After giving him a fictitious answer and telling him I am seeing somebody he gave up. Before I knew it he brushed my chin with his finger and said “You are wonderful”, then left. If I saw that coming I would have karate chopped his arm. Creeped out and wanting to already return back home before noon , I tried my best to forget about it until my friend arrived.
From Grimaldi Place we walked to the beautiful Vieux Nice (Old Nice), first stop was gelato. My flavours were passion fruit and pina-colada, his were yogurt and kinder surprise. A much needed refresher from the humidity.
It was too hot for sweets, but when if I have the chance to return I would want to try the chocolates from this confectionery.  We found our way out of Vieux Nice and walked along the Promenade Des Anglais. For the view, we climbed up the stairs of Tour Bellanda. It was 40 degrees C with the humidity. Each time the stairs turned we had to stop in the shade until we cooled down enough to begin again. The view of the roofs and the sea was truly something. This was the view the sea…Later we walked to Place Massena. There was a group playing classical music… The last activity on my To-Do list for Nice was to rent the Velo Bleu. The city rents out bikes to the public for 1 euro a day. It was such a fun day, but I had to catch the last bus home. À bientôt Nice!

*an update on November 18, 2014. Due to a continuing amount of people interested in my bladder while I traveled in France, I have included additional tag terms to help make the searching process a little easier for this post. I had a good chuckle when these search phrases showed up on my blog stat analysis, such as the one below. This is for you curious people. 

desperate to pee search term-nov 17, 2014


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