Beach, Gelato, Menton

If someone could invent a camera that automatically uploads pictures onto the computer, I would be pumping out posts at the fastest speed. This post written a week and a half ago.

July 12: After breakfast this morning, the kids and I walked to the beach. The water was much colder than anticipated but it was so clean. A few games of UNO commenced after we dried off from the dip in the water.

Before lunch we baked a banana loaf together. I once worked at a summer camp during high school. Each week, our cabin of 8 boys would participate in cooking lessons. I tried to use what I could recall from cooking with kids for today. I used the Banana Walnut Bread recipe but we made many changes due to the availability of ingredients. It was also different to bake without measuring cups.  My first time dividing and guiding tasks was harder than I thought, but still very enjoyable with the kids. Some rough mental approximations of grams and forgetting to add baking soda might have set off the bread a bit. It was very dense but came out not too bad. We also added extra pieces of chocolate— that helped a lot.
In the afternoon we walked to the beach for some gelato. Andrea had a chocolate one, I think it was mousse au chocolat, Arthur had the tiramisu, and I had the cassis (black currant).After dinner host mom, Valerie, and I went for a walk in Menton, a city just beside Roquebrune-Cap Martin (RCM).
It seems like a big entertainment area compared to RCM , with many restaurants, shops for tourists, shopping boutiques and young people racing on scooters.The symbol of Menton is a lemon, and you can see very quickly as many of the souvenirs take shape in some kind or form of lemon, such as soaps, confiture or jam, magnets, gelato, cookies, etc. And lastly we briefly visited Italy for 2 minutes before heading home.


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