Next Day Abroad

This morning we awoke and had some French pastries for breakfast. Shortly after we were on our way the Carrefour. Before reaching the market, Enzo drove us around the town for a bit of a driving tour. I just can’t believe how beautiful everything is.
We also picked up some ingredients to make banana bread. Andrea told me that he loves it and tomorrow we will be baking it together. I am very excited to be baking with the kids 🙂

The landscape and the architect are magnificent.
Back at home, we rested before having déjeuner (lunch). For dinner, we had Enzo’s special vegetable risotto, cheese and strawberries with whipped cream for dessert. He also pointed out that the risotto was cooked al-dente. I never considered the importance of cooking risotto to al-dente…no wonder mine were always too mushy…but I was really glad to learn that for the future.
After dinner we played the perfume/aroma guessing game. There a few more photos, but they are all too blurry. There were 9 different scents. From the top of my head I remember lemon, citron, cardamom, peppercorn, peach, ginger,and pineapple. It was a fun to to take turns smelling each one and guessing all (except 1) wrong. Tomorrow we plan to visit the beach in the morning and bake in the afternoon.  I’m off to bed for now, à  bientôt!


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