First Day in Monaco

Yesterday after about 9 hours I arrived in the beautiful Monaco. The suburb Roquebrune-Cap Martin to be exact.

On the flight to Amsterdam, the aisle seat passenger beside me was high school boy from Berlin. I learned that he visited Moncton in New Brunswick for the past month and stayed at a friend’s farm.  Although it was a little awkward starting conversation with him at first, I was happy I did because I didn’t have to go through customs and security checks alone. The Schiphol airport in Amsterdam had an great vibe. It looked clean and I overall just really liked the design of the interior.

Another 3 hours passed and I boarded the plane to Nice. I was sitting in front of a very angry baby who was kicking and punching the whole time. It did feel like a massage chair though, with extra sound effects. We later became friends and the rest was history. The lady sitting next to me was a French woman visiting from Asia. She has lived in Hong Kong for 25 years and still counting, as a ballet teacher for a french dance school. It is always interesting to talk to strangers because people have so much more to say than what meets the eye.

My host family (Valerie, Enzo)  and their two adorable boys (Arthur and Andrea) picked me up and we drove along the scenic streets. The view Mediterranean sea is  breathtaking. I didn’t  take many pictures because I hope be a little more familiar with the area first. After settling in a bit we had tomato pasta and french baguette for déjeuner, with macarons from the local patisserie for dessert. Yum, J’ai bien mangé!

In the afternoon, Andrea, his friend and I walked around the city. He showed me the beach, the school, the hospital, the best gelato shop in town and a place where les amoureux kiss. It was so hot, we cooled off in the swimming pool back at the house. I tried to stay awake as much as possible, but jet lag was creeping up again. I passed out for an hour I think. So, the door only closes after it is locked with a key.  For some reason, it hadn’t crossed my mind to take out the key.  This I heard after I awoke, but when my host parents were calling me I did not respond for a long time because I was so heavily asleep. They said they were in a bit of a panic and wondering what had happened to me.  Haha…oops > < I will remember next time. Also, the view from my room is like paradise.

I am very thankful that my French family is open to accommodating my vegetarian diet when it comes to eating.  Something I am not quite used to yet is the long meals. In Canada/US meals are mostly are eaten in one plate, sometimes another for dessert. To end the night we enjoyed a grand dinner (it is just very new to me) of quiche, Enzo’s special omelet, french macaron, cheese and fruits. ‘Till tomorrow


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