July Week Recap

July 1st was  Canada Day/ Fête du Canada and the most eventful day of the week (besides Tuesday)! I was in the city again. After volunteering, I headed to Queens Park. There was a huge festival with carnival attractions for kids. Two high school students asked to quickly interview me about the historical and social meaning of Canada Day. I’m sure I was no help for the historical questions… but I tried to make up for it with the other ones.

After a brief stroll, I walked to the Harbour Front Centre to meet up with my parents. It took close to an hour to walk there but made a stop at a coffee shop for some iced tea.

Just following the crowd and trying not to get lost.

A woman was feeding her parrot a carrot, the bird was so tame. We had dinner at the World Cafe. Each vendor had a unique cuisine to offer. Mom ordered from India, Dad and I both ordered from Ontario.

It was a little windy but the boardwalk was beautiful.

Back at home later that night, I went to watch the fireworks with a friend at the park close to home. Someone lit a paper lantern and the night commenced with the crowd’s cheer to welcome the show.
This was our view, but it turns out the fireworks were displayed behind us. 
July 2nd was Mom’s birthday! Dad bought a  raspberry black tie cake from Whole Foods.

And accompanied Mom while she went visit a friend’s house.
A cat! This little guy likes to hang around the backyard.
I wanted to pet him, but in order to avoid an allergic reaction I opted to giving him a tummy massage sans skin-to-fur contact.

July 3, had an interview in Etobicoke then came home.

A belated Happy 4th of July for friends in the US! I don’t remember doing anything that day except for riding my bike and finishing up some packing * see end of post

I gave Wasabi a bath, she was extremely relaxed.
I also made some walnut chocolate truffles.

July5 , went to get a blood test. Packed and did some last minute shopping for Monaco. If you don’t know where that is, it is located between the South of France and Italy.

picture from www.cotedazur-tourisme.com
picture from http://www.cotedazur-tourisme.com

I leave tomorrow in the evening. Oddly enough it hasn’t sunken in yet, it seems that things take so much longer as I get older. There, I will be staying with a host family and teaching their two boys English, and also experiencing a cultural exchange. I applied through a program called InterExchange sometime in March and things are finally ready to go. First, a layover in Amsterdam then I will arrive in Nice, France to meet with my host family.  I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited and open to a new experience. That’s all I can say for now. Till later 🙂


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