Where Have I Been. Kensington.

One of the perks of volunteering at the hospice near Kensington is being able to venture into the charismatic district after work. I have been thinking of posting something about this for a while. Almost everyone describes the feel of being outside of Toronto. The people are hip and the shop owners are always friendly. Other than school campus, this is a part of the city where I have spent most of my time during the year.

These guys wanted a picture together haha.
I have been eyeing this stall for the longest time but I have not bought a pair of sunglasses from it yet. Although I enjoy walking around, there are many eateries and cafes I have yet to try. One of the places I had lunch in is the Mexican Salsa. It’s a humble little place. A friend, Sylvia, from volunteering and I went for tacos on a Monday afternoon. My first authentic taco with cactus, tofu, avocado and cabbage. We loved looking at the vibrant fruits and vegetables.
Our favourite store is the Blue Banana Market. I would describe it as a multi-themed gift shop. There are many different “rooms” in the store and each one sells a different type of merchandise. There are things from fun kitchen appliances, hand crafted jewellery, soaps & lotions, garden tools, hot sauce, eco-friendly clothing, shoes  and much more. Sylvia and I both joke that we want to buy everything in the store. This place is definitely worth a stroll. Canada Day is just around the corner on July 1 and it is a long weekend for us 🙂 I am waiting to hear the sky full of fireworks and looking forward to my mom’s birthday on July 2.


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