Bread Making Craze

Well hello there. Things have been so busy…and when it comes to keeping up with the blog it has been mostly lazy around here. I have so many photos, recipes and others waiting to be written but I have been putting them off for a while. Anyways I am in a good mood today, so I will try to cram in as many things as possible. The clock just passed midnight and technically it is June 29, but I am writing for June 28 🙂

Breakfast was a load of berries, beet juice, vegan brownie and a slice of homemade bread.

I have been trying to use up the rice flour wraps by filling them with salads of some sort. For lunch I used mixed salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar. And to drink was the other half of beet juice from breakfast.

The book from the second-hand store in Waterloo is the coolest dictionary ever. I am a nerd for this content, but it’s not the same as reading a novel. I am using it to decipher the ingredients on packaged things in the kitchen. The thought of bringing it to a grocery store is nice…but I probably will leave it home most of the time because it is quite chunky. C’mon….this is pretty neat. I have been on the roll with making bread for the past few weeks. Ever since trying Whole Food’s cranberry walnut bread I have been testing out imitation recipes. The recipes will be up in the coming posts.

imitation of Whole Food’s cranberry walnut bread
imitation recipe of Whole Food’s Seeduction bread

Today I baked my first whole wheat ciabatta bread. It seems like most recipes online are very similar and it is surprisingly simple. Combine the dry ingredients:  3 and 1/4 cup of flour, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and 1+1/2 tsp of yeast with the wet ingredients: 1+ 1/2 cup warm water and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.   It had to rest for 18 hours then again for another 2 hours. Baked for 30 minutes and voila it is airy on the inside and crusty on the exterior.

Dinner was leftovers of sauteed kale and a concoction of quinoa with marinara sauce, chickpeas, zucchini and eggplant. I had some chocolate banana oat cookies right before dinner too. The 2 ingredient recipe is from Blogilates, a must try!
On a small note, about a week ago I acquired this painful misfortune from a fork while using it to juice a lemon. It wasn’t the first time juicing a lemon but I was probably in a rush.
Well, the good news is that it is scabbing up and healing quickly. Lesson learned, forks can be dangerous.


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