Until Next Time Waterloo

Yesterday was my last day in Waterloo.  We started the morning with a delicious cup of almond milk matcha latte (recipe from Irene) to go with our breakfast.

We found a local festival going on. There was live music, puppies and toddlers galore.
This St. Bernard pup was the cutest! His owner said the 10 month old is adding on a pound each day.

At the beginning of the street there was a firetruck and several officers showing children the equipment. The officer with the handsome mustache was kind enough to give us a tour of the truck as well. He told us he has been with his career for over 20 years. That is incredible 🙂 After exploring the festival, we went to My Thai restaurant for lunch. We shared the Eggplant Delight, a stir fry with tofu, onion, bell pepper and chinese basil with coconut sticky rice. I would definitely go back again if I have the chance.
The best part was the pina colada smoothie. It was such a treat!
We also found a cozy second-hand book store. It had a large selection of fiction books, but also many non-fictional books.
Jamba Juice’s recipe book! I purchased A Consumer’s Dictionary to Food Additives for a great bargain of $8. A photo to come soon.This afternoon I was around the lovely St. Lawrence Market again. A friend and I both had interviews in Toronto. We met up for a bite at Marché afterwards.
Her grilled sandwich, my salad. I always love the ambient atmosphere of the restaurant. St. Lawrence was quiet and empty today. We walked around before heading home. And that is it for now, I hope you had a wonderful day. I will be diving into bed in no time.


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