St. Jacob’s Market

As mentioned in the last post, I made Kristin’s Almond Joy Brownies this week. It is super healthy, delicious and chocolatey. I will be making these again. The recipe called for agave but I regret buying my agave nectar in a hazelnut flavour because it tastes nothing like it and is not the greatest. I opted for brown sugar instead. Even though my brownies were slightly crumbly, it was still dense and moist. Last night we went to Vincenzo’s an Italian grocery store. We chose an assortment of salads and some spanakopita for dinner. I love this Italian shop!This morning we headed to St. Jacob’s Market and a nearby outlet mall.  Hello Gordan Ramsay, nice to see you here.
There was a huge diversity of shops and food.
I love this picture of Jona! I can’t help myself from laughing every time I see this. We sampled many different foods, a chocolate mint fudge, peanut brittle, hummus and tabbouleh, cheese, popcorn and more. We had some smoothie and lastly the famous St. Jacob’s apple fritters. It’s not the usual Tim Horton’s apple fritters, they had a special ring of apple inside the donuts.


6 thoughts on “St. Jacob’s Market

  1. Thanks so much for the mention – I’m so glad you enjoyed the brownies!! Looks like a fun day of food testing too – those are the best kinds of days! 😉

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