Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium

The weather has been flipping back and forth between summer days and days that just feel like winter. It wasn’t too long ago that hail was dropping from the sky. And yesterday it felt as if all the humidity in the air was sucked away into vacuum, though the rain was quite nice. Nevertheless, today was a gorgeous sunny day. It was as humid as a jungle and so sunny.

I went swimming at noon and then went out for a walk after some lunch. No running shoes, just plain walking in flip flops. Who can say no to a shameless selfie on such a beautiful day! A camera app makes my skin look flawless.

Since the last time I posted something, life has been so busy. Even with the stress, it has been wonderful too. The past weekend I volunteered at a food charity event called Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium. I found out about it through my friend Donna who met Abbey at another event. The event is an initiative to raise money for My Food My Way and it featured some incredible chefs from Toronto. There were also some special guests like James Cunningham, host of Eat St. Haha…I don’t watch TV so I didn’t know who he was until some other volunteers squealed at the sight of him….oops. I spoke to him casually without knowing that he is a bigshot. He was so kind and down to earth. Now as I write, I realize how crazy it is that I got to speak to such an accomplished person. There is so much I would like to write about the event, the special guests, chefs and Abbey herself, but all that and more can be easily found on Abbey’s blog if you are interested.
The secret ingredient of the competition were….drum rolls…. chips. And the chefs came up with very creative things.

grinded chips incorporated into homemade sausages
grinded chips incorporated into homemade sausages
doughnut with white chocolate and bacon, with chips on top

DSC_1318 I used my volunteer food voucher for Pizzeria Libretto’s fried gnocchi with eggplant. It was one of the two vegetarian options I could find. Although fried, it was so flavourful. Some people said it was a bit dry, but I didn’t mind it.

another vegetarian option, buttered corn on the cob with chips and microgreens
pink sea salt chip ice cream with potato chip praline. my friend really enjoyed it!

And the winner of Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium was Chef Bruce Woods, creator of the white chocolate bacon doughnuts. Although I didn’t taste it, I don’t doubt how irresistible they must be! We strolled through Little Italy before heading off to the subway.


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