Chocolate Coconut Banana Popsicle

The weather is starting to heat up and these popsicles are the perfect treats. What’s better than a healthy fruit popsicle with a chocolate coconut coating?  Kick those sugar, fat and additive loaded store bought treats away, I guarantee this one will be just the thing to quench your taste buds.

Despite that bananas are high in sugar, they also contain a good amount of fiber including the prebiotic inulin that helps to keep the digestive tract healthy. From the book “100 Foods to Stay Young”, bananas are beneficial for heart health due to its high levels of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Helps kidney function and eliminate fluid retention to reduce puffiness.  I also found a natural remedy use for banana peels that works for me every time. By rubbing the inside of the peel on a breakout or pimple/zit/any other volcanic action on the skin, swelling and redness can be reduced. It definitely sounds bizarre, but I was skeptical myself when I stumbled on it via Pinterest. The link was from Kanelstrand’s blog.
The lemon that coats the bananas helps prevent browning that can occur after freezing. This is mostly just for making them look nice and white. The lemon also adds a refreshing citrus taste.

*It is best to put the can of coconut cream in the fridge for a few hours or overnight if possible. When it is cold, the cream and the water separates. The recipe will only need the cream part.
Sip the coconut water away or save it for use in smoothies, soup and party drinks.Note:
*It is better to use bananas that are not too ripe because the popsicle sticks will stay put easier. Use bananas that are yellow with green tips and ones with little or no black spots.
Chocolate Coconut Banana Popsicles
Yield: 20 popsicles

10 medium-sized bananas
20 popsicle sticks
juice of 1 lemon
1 can of coconut cream
2 squares of baker’s chocolate (or enough dark chocolate and cocoa powder until desired darkness)
pinch of salt
Toppings ideas: desiccated coconut, ground almonds, chocolate chips, sprinkles, dried fruit.

1. Peel the bananas, cut each in half. Squeeze the lemon juice into a dish and roll each banana piece thoroughly in the juice until coated, this helps to prevent browning after it freezes.
2. Carefully insert the popsicle sticks into each banana piece. Place the bananas onto a lined baking sheet and freeze.
3. Chocolate coconut coating: Scoop out the solid portion of the canned coconut cream. Melt the coconut cream and chocolate over a double boiler, stir constantly. Add pinch of salt. Once melted, let it cool.
4. Remove the bananas from the freezer and dip each into the chocolate mixture, this will be the first layer. Place back onto the baking sheet and freeze.
5. When the chocolate coating is harden, dip the bananas into the chocolate mixture again to seal off any sides that are exposed. Decorate with any topping and freeze again. Then it is ready to eat!

They can be stored in large ziploc bags or in containers.

It is almost May 11th which means it’s nearing the 2nd annual Virtual Vegan Potluck!  Last year I submitted the MangoBerry Vegan Cheesecake dessert. This year I will be contributing an appetizer which will be something new for me… But I have something in mind and it will be good :). I am looking forward to seeing many many amazing and delicious creations in this Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Banana Popsicle

  1. I absolutely love this idea! I was going to bake bananas and chocolate today but think ill do some frozen ones too! Bananas and chocolate are a match made in foodie heaven 🙂

  2. I live near Balboa Island, which is supposedly where frozen bananas were first created. There are still lots of frozen banana stands on the island. I can’t have one there, however; because none of them are vegan. I’ve never thought about making my own, but this recipe looks wonderful and so simple. I’ll have to try it! Celeste:)

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