Dining Etiquette Night

This week was a crazy one. After midterms and assignments, we were bustling to put together our last assignment of the term. YAY, so relieved! Not to mention the  Apple Raspberry baby food that helped to keep me awake during one of those late night. After seeing them on sale I wanted to take the chance to discover what they taste like, trust me I don’t eat baby food all the time. I really liked the flavour combination. No shame, it was good and very smooth— not one lump!

On Tuesday, I attended an etiquette dinner event that I had to opportunity to be part of. Besides meeting to discuss the necessary items, the event’s poster design and menu selection were the main things I was responsible for.  It was not a big role but I was still glad to be part of it because I had so much fun last year as an attendee. Leanne Pepper was back again to guide us through the three course meal in teaching us about the knick knacks of contemporary (American) fine dinning. She is an etiquette and protocol consultant with experience in training business execs, students, adults and even children. I think dining etiquette is so important for making an impression, especially if it is for business or an interview. Some things that stuck out to me:

-Always follow the host’s lead. Such as only taking bread only after the host does, eating at the same pace, sitting after host takes seat,  etc. Rule of thumb: don’t do anything before the host does.
-When drinking soup, scoop outwards away from your body.
-If there is a bread basket, offer it to the someone, preferably on the left before yourself. And pass it to the right after your piece.
-Lay the napkin in a triangle shape on your lap, tip pointed away. To wipe your mouth, bring one of the corners up to your face. For any spills on your hands, wipe it on the inside flap of the triangle.
-Point tines down when you are putting food in your mouth. http://speakspress.net/the-gastronomic/anatomy-of-a-dinner-fork-supplemented-by-a-handy-list-of-common-variations-and-the-cited-source-for-further-research-study-and-development/

It was a buffet styled dinner. After a tomato basil entree soup, we the main course with sides of  herbed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable medley.Seared chicken breast with tarragon cream sauceSeared chicken breast with tarragon cream sauce.
The vegetarian option: Ratatouille stuffed squash.The ratatouille stuffing had zucchini, bell peppers, onion, tomato, eggplant and tomato sauce. Doesn’t it look incredible? Must… recreate…recipe…
Leanne also gave us many tips for communication skills and explained the dining table anatomy. It was a great night with friends and students from other departments !
Our picture with Leanne and her signature fork over knife pose 🙂


7 thoughts on “Dining Etiquette Night

  1. Its a great post!! I like your point about passing the food. One another thing that is important is our seating. We should always sit at right angle to our guest if we are hosting and if there are two guests, sit cross to one and right angle to the other. We should always avoid to sit in middle of them.

  2. Hey thanks for sharing such a great post.. 🙂 What I want to add is if we are hosting then we should reach atleast 15 minutes before time and handover our card to the manager. So that the problem at the time of paying got already solved. It happens when sometimes your guest insists to pay but obviously you would never like it.

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