Where Have I Been. Part 1

It is finally the last month of the year and there is only 6 days left until Christmas. This year has flown by so quick. Sometimes I ask myself how I got here. EatPrayBake has been quiet for the last little while with valid reasons.  The past few months have been incredibly busy and stressful. At last, I am free of agony for a few weeks as I am enjoying my winter break. Not to say that school is agony, but the stress of multi-tasking studying for exams, research, assignments, and any other mumbojumbo is. But you know what they say, staying busy is good for the soul.

Despite all that, the past few months have also been filled with many wonderful experiences which I hope to highlight in the following “Where Have I Been” posts.  In September I became involved with volunteering for my campus’ garden group.  I had a blast meeting new people, helping to tend the gardens and helping with the Harvest Party event.  They prepared a delicious menu using the fruits, vegetables and herbs that were grown on campus. I had a lot of fun being a part of the team. We served a huge crowd of people (free food!) and I was able to get up close with fellow volunteers, Chocosol members and even the event organizers. The photos will tell the story from here.

President speech
the president of the university speaking in delight of the event at noon

Harvest Part
feeding the crowd
My plate
my plate of the food-I don’t exactly remember the names of all of them. But I was incredibly happy having lunch that day.
Corn tortillas
That’s Yani from Chocosol making the tortillas
Chocosol chocolat
the chocolate
Drinking chocolate
the best thank-you present for helping

From the opportunity of working with the garden group, I was able to volunteer with Chocosol. I helped out with making corn tortilla’s which were being donated to the Harvest Party. They were made of only soaked corn and sea salt.  And for the remainder of the time, we were wrapping the chocolate bars. If you remember, I tasted their chocolate this summer at the night market. It was so exciting being in the Chocosol facility and the founder shared with me his passion for chocolate and for providing health to consumers.

Chocosol volunterring
packaging the chocolate products
the facility
that’s him, the founder! I was too shy to ask for a picture with him

I also joined in on a CAFP event and toured a local brewery in Toronto with other people in my program. It was interesting seeing the production system at the Steam Whistle. I really enjoyed learning about their well rounded ethics and quality too. Our group was given bottles of beer to enjoy during the tour, though I did not because I personally do not enjoy the taste. Steam Whistle Breweryproduction areaSoon after but still in September, it was my friend Tamsyn’s birthday. I attended the surprise birthday party her boyfriend planned. It took place at her church along with many of her good friends as well as her family members. I probably haven’t seen her for half a year and I was looking forward to see her again. Tamsyn’s boyfriend was so good at keeping everything under her radar and she was completely taken by the surprise. Long and behold, we were all hit with another surprise—their engagement!
the ringEveryone was overjoyed for the both of them, there were lots of hugging, smiles, hovering over the ring and a few people who needed further moments for the news to sink in. Everyone was poking fun at her sister who was in complete disbelief.  After the couple shared their proposal story we had dinner from the potluck dishes and treats while everyone chatted.  We played the classic hide-and-seek in the dark around the church before calling it a night.

birthday cakes

In October, I turned 19 wohoo. I went to visit my friends in Waterloo for the weekend. Mavis and Jona surprised me with these vegan desserts! The one of the right is a date square, the top left is a black bean brownie and on the bottom left is a chocolate cake. During the day Jona showed me around town.  One of my favourite places that day was the tea shop.

And a very nice Italian grocery storeDSC07177We wandered around and purchased some things for dinner that night. We had to try the gelato before leaving. DSC07178

gelato time

We decided on the strawberry balsamic and bacchio, a decadent chocolate flavour. That’s it for now, but I will be continuing soon. Goodnight!


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