Memorable Taiwan

First, Happy International Newspaper Carrier Day! As overheard on the radio this morning, it celebrates those who are carriers or who were once working on the job. That brought me back to my younger days, it was my very first job.

I return from my long period of the step back from blogging. I’m back in Toronto and it’s about time to get back to my regular routine. My trip back home was delayed due to a family emergency but thank God that things are no longer very serious. It was a bittersweet ending to my summer but it’s time for me to be back here. Even though it is a drag to get back into school mode, I am excited for what the coming seasons will bring.  This post is very late because I am still quite from jetlag and drowsiness, as well seasonal allergies. One upside to this jetlag is that I am sleeping going to bed very early and waking up at the cracks of dawn. So far everyday has been so much more productive, I have also been in the mood for some morning yoga after breakfast and I love how I feel following those little sessions.

Leaving Taiwan was bittersweet because it was hard to leave behind the people I have reunited with, yet I too missed the life in Canada.  Over the period of a short 2.5 weeks I was happy to befriend my cousins, see extended family and meet with elementary school classmates from 10 years past. Although my trip was not intended for a lot of tourist endeavors , I did manage to explore places around town and took a day trip to Taipei.

Just to note that all of my photos were accidentally deleted when I tried to transfer them to my computer. I was in total shock but I was determined to find a way back. The photo recovery program that I downloaded helped to recover my photos but many actually..75% of them are chopped and completely unrecognizable. Sigh…technology is so unreliable. With what is left, this is a brief picture summary of my trip highlights and it is a lengthy one.

My grandfather goes to the park to exercise as much as he can and on the days that he did I went with him. It was not an average a small park with a playground and some benches. The pictures capture just a few of the points of view.

There were many scenic views, but this was my favourite. I loved the water lilies and some people were even fishing there!

The following visits to the park, I found some workout pieces that were available to the public.  There was also a ballroom class that I wanted to join in on so badly.

I also visited the traditional chinese market with my grandmother. In extremely crowded places like these, I was warned to keep my bag close to prevent being a victim of theft.

My cousins showed me a Amping beach. Many people go surfing there in the summer and it is a hot spot for wedding photography too. I wasn’t dressed appropriately so I  missed out on trying surfing but I enjoyed collecting seashells and digging for crabs.

An artsy district in town had some really amazing and creative sights.

With my elementary school pals, we caught on each others’ lives over lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, went shopping and revisited our gr 1 classroom. It is funny how everything looks smaller as we get older. We are also older than we appear.

In Taipei, my mom and I had lunch with her friend who moved back to Taiwan last year. She brought us to a world known and award winning restaurant called Ding Tai Fung.  I loved watching the kitchen staff work behind the glass and appeared to be the most hygienic restaurants I have been to yet.

My favourite part of our meal was the steamed vegetable dumplings. The lady blushed when I told her that I was trying to snap a photo of her hat. All the kitchen staff wore head nets like that, and others had face masks too. After lunch I window shopped in the Tapei 101 mall. The stores were those of things like Prada, Louis Vuiton, Dior, YSL,  nothing affordable on my budget. We did go up to the observatory and had a view of the city. It was a cloudy day and it was one of the typhoon forcasted days so we were not allowed to go outside on the tower.

Sometime after we returned back to Tainan, my mom and I revisted a university campus where we used to take walks. The trees are still as ginormous as I remembered them to be and they still resemble broccoli heads.

We also found a store selling as sorts of cute things and more clothing stores around the campus.

On another night, my cousins took me to the night market. I was already full from dinner but I was so satisfied with the fresh mango slush drink.

On both Sundays that I was there, my mom and I went to a huge church. I’m not sure what the name is in English, . Behind the row of cars, it huge letters spell out “God is love” in rainbow.

I found some nice postcards in the nooks of bookstores and they are off to some friends very soon!

There are so many more photos but I think this is as much as I will be posting for now. And thank you if you made it to the end of the post! I don’t know when I will visit again, but when I do I want to explore most of the large tourist attractions. Taiwan  was a great experience and I will keep all the people I left behind in my memories.


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