Taiwan Taiwan

Hello! It has been an awfully long time since I last posted something. It was difficult to finally get a somewhat stable internet access, but I don’t want to jinx it.  The past week was crazy busy. A brief recap before I go on to Taiwan.  With a few friends on Friday the 10th, I went to Taste of the Danforth. It is an annual festival in Toronto’s Greek town. I was told spanakopita or spinach phyllo pie was a signature that I could not  miss out on. After roaming around we found a nice gelato store. I shared a cup with my friend, her pick was strawberry cheesecake and passion fruit for me. They were both delicious. The 5k on August 12th was completed in the beautiful Distillery District. for the Toronto 10 Miler & 5K run. Even though it wasn’t a grand distance, I felt more tired than the GoodLife run in April. It must be my decline of running plus Tabata as the weather heated and heated up. On Saturday, I met up with 2 friends from high school. We did some girl bonding and went swimming. Up to the day of departure, I didn’t allowed myself enough time to pack as I probably spent too much time with friends. I procrastinated about packing up until the day before and Meatball accompanied me while I busied around. Then I left for Taiwan on Wednesday. Toronto, you’ve been good to me this summer! Puss in Boots, Alice in Wonderland, cooking sitcoms, sleep, washroom breaks, airplane meals and aisle walks. I didn’t want to scare the man sitting on the aisle seat…But the face mask was so refreshing. The flight here has been a journey in itself. With more than 16 hours on the plane, a lay-over in Japan, another 4 hours of flying and close to a 2 hour car ride, I am here now, in this humid rainforest climate.

Day 2 in Taiwan I went swimming at a local high school in the afternoon and met with my aunt and nieces. For dinner, we had hot pot at my uncle’s house.  It was nice to see some of my cousins for the first time in 10 years. I was nervous about meeting them again, maybe they wouldn’t like me, maybe we have grown apart, blah blah blah. My thoughts may have been over-exaggerated but I’m glad we broke the ice quickly as we ate together. When it stopped raining my cousin, Megan, took me to see her friend’s band performance. We stopped by a few places until we ended up in a small bar on the outskirts of Tainan City. We were both surprised to see so many foreigners and after talking to them, most are language teachers in Taiwan. They really know how to party. A fist fight was close to emerging because a very drunk man stole another’s alcohol, worth about 3,000 taiwan dollars (that’s about $1000 canadian). Megan and I were excited to anticipate our first witness, but the police settled it in a low down manner.A little less jetlagged, I am enjoying running errands with my grandparents and spending time with relatives. It’s only been 3 days, so I haven’t got to the shopping and eating yet. As I am currently typing, I am melting in sweat at the uncle’s kitchen. A few reasons for this, my grandparents’ place where I am currently staying does not have internet access and two, my computer plug is not compatible with most of the power outlets. The only 3 hole outlets I can find are in the kitchen, beside the stove. Goodnight!


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