Chocolate Coconut Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake

I haven’t posted since the end of July because I sort of fell into a slump. Besides being lazy and using the computer much less, we have a special guest staying with us. He requires a lot of attention and energy, and he does motivate me to walk and run more than I am currently.Meatball is with us once again for a month while his owners are on vacation. It’s no surprise to hear him charging into my room in the morning. It’s funny that I can now somehow hear him running while even before I wake up, then I bolt up and wave my arms around to block him from jumping on me.

I will be heading to Taiwan in exactly a week and I had a lot of hustling to do with my housing search for the coming fall.  Scheduling was very crammed and last minute but I also met with a real estate agent for a viewing of a unit minutes (walking) away from school. The view was magnificent, however the space and the price was sadly a thumbs down. Although I haven’t been posting, I’m still cooking and trying out some recipes. And I have a bunch of things lining up.  I want to share the latest bit of the raw vegan cheesecake. It was requested from a colleague at work and I was excited to have others try it.  I was nervous for their likings because it definitely tastes different from regular rich cheesecakes, but it received many approvals 🙂This is time around it is Chocolate Coconut Raspberry. I wanted to post a week ago but I thought the photos had been accidentally deleted. Little did I know that it was in another folder. It is a spin-off of the Chocolate Berry Swirl  flavour  made last time. The special ingredient for this one is coconut shreds.If you would like to see the recipe,  you can take a look at vegan cheesecake #1 or #2 . Some changes to the basic recipe include:

  • layered the plain filling first, and crumbled on top some frozen raspberries
  • used about 3-4 tbsp cocoa powder for the chocolate layer
  • added about 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut to the chocolate layer (but sweetened coconut would work too)
  • layered the chocolate filling second and sprinkled on more coconut before freezing.

Goodnight, I will continue tomorrow!


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