Blueberry Heaven

The last day of July has arrived and I’m ready for August! Even though summer is almost over, I am excited to see what will for the next season. This morning started off with a peanut butter jelly sandwich and an addition of some spinach. I also had some yogurt and blueberries. I am slowly working at the abundance of blueberries in the fridge by snacking on them with meals and throughout the day. My family and I went blueberry picking on Sunday and I had way too much fun. Oh the taste of them never gets boring. It’s blueberry heaven! Today is also the last of my summer course hooray! I finished my exam and grabbed lunch at a salad bar to eat on the way home.  It was pouring this afternoon! That was more rain than we’ve seen in months and months. After returning home from the grocery store,  I made myself a simple guacamole with half an avocado and some fresh lemon juice.  My new favourite chips are the Lentil Chips, this time I tried the Cracked Pepper flavour. Honestly speaking, I ate one too many chips before thinking of how nice  they would be when accompanied by a green dip. Now that I am unchained from school, I need to get moving and back the routine I had with Tabata and running. Tonight’s dinner is just a light salad and some left over quinoa salad. The salad had cucumber, blueberries, sliced almonds and feta cheese.  The quinoa salad is an easy throw-together of corn, edamame, tofu and some of the backyard green beans. The ingredients were mainly frozen.

Yellow and Green Quinoa Salad

  • 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
  • frozen corn
  • frozen edamame
  • chopped green beans
  • 4 nuggets frozen spinach
  • 1/2 cup extra firm tofu, crumbled or cubed
  • fresh lemon juice
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  1. Bring a pot of water to boil and cook the quinoa. Before draining the quinoa, add in the frozen corn, edamame, green beans and spinach.
  2. After draining everything, drizzle olive oil, lemon juice and salt+pepper.
  3. The tofu can be crumbled or cubed. I chose not to pan-cook them but you may also do so.
  4. Mix well and serve.

    Some more photos of our blueberry picking adventure:Blueberry pancakes to begin! Look at that cutie digging in. My brother is hard at work searching for the big ones!It was his idea  to squeeze blueberries into his nose. I hope he doesn’t kill me for this!I am headed to the swimming pool in half an hour. Goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Heaven

  1. awwww what a fun fun day!! I so hope to go fruit picking someday~I’ve never done that before, and those blueberries look gorgeous.

    Haha! Your brother’s expression while picking the big ones is so intense. And you are a beauty Helen! You look a lot like one of my besties in Argentina (my hometown) 😀

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