Green Bean Surprise

The morning started off with a sweet-toothed breakfast. I had a bit of cantaloupe, a slice of banana bread with yogurt and a drizzle of honey, and cherries on the side. Oh it was sweet! Can you believe that the month of July is almost over? The thought of summer ending makes me sad. First on the list was the hair salon. My hair was trimmed and my mom had new highlights. Everything turned out well 🙂 and the stylist did it just how I wanted it. Then we grabbed lunch finishing some grocery shopping. Marinated artichokes are my new favourite obsession. I wasn’t too hungry for dinner because I snacked on some homemade larabars after coming home. With left over breadcrumbs, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, a tomato and some tofu out came something similar to pesto tomato tofu bake. It was a great side the salmon and steamed corn. After dinner I took a moment to ponder on the thriving garden before heading out for a swim. I was surprised to find so many ripe green beans dangling under the big leaves and the lovely blossoms. They are beautiful and some of them were yellow. And tomorrow I will try to use them up for dinner. Goodnight!

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