New Theme Change

I’m planning on changing blog themes but currently I am still jumping back and forth between various ones. Some themes have more options than others for customization, others have a better overall look but have little customization options. I have never understood technology 😩 I wish I was a computer whiz. Sorry, please do not mind the appearance changes for the next few days. Muahaha…this morning I went to class prepared. Yes I did, my own cup of hot tea in my favourite thermal mug. It probably was not the best idea to bring herbal chamomile tea because it acts as a mild sedative.  Last night the storm and the flashing lightning kept me up until 3am.  I awoke this morning and hustled out the house before 8am. The train was delayed because of some massive rail flooding. It’s all gloomy and dark and humid.

On Tuesday, I left class and grabbed a free sample of the new Drumstick. I don’t usually eat these but it was so hot I didn’t think twice about not taking one. Each person was suppose to hula hoop to get one. Luckily I didn’t have to because a friend I met through salsa class was on the job. They were not intending to begin when stopped to take a break on the corner of the street. But everybody began asking for the Drumsticks as soon as they did. The caramel inside was yummy!

Back to today, I roamed inside HMV to browse freely after class with the extra time I had. I didn’t end up buying anything but I did enjoy a nice view. This is the street I walk along all the time, what a city.

People often ask me what I eat. That’s a hard question to answer because a diet comprises of so many different foods. As for eating out, when I am by myself I try to keep things simple and today’s eat-out can describe what I usually go for. I love finding salad bars in small cafĂ©s or even in grocery stores. It’s healthy, there’s tons of variety and it’s cheap. It’s a hidden gem more people should know about! There’s green salads, beans,  fruits and vegetables that are chopped and already prepared, and protein like eggs, chicken, etc.  

I also found some adorable bowls at a supermarket near home. It is incredibly simplistic and soft.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to get my hair trimmed. The last time I had my hair cut or trimmed at a salon was probably 2 years ago. Since the hair stylist is not me, I feel as if he or she will not see eye-to-eye with my expectations. The main reason was because I wanted to cut own my hair. Also, it’s doable at home and cost-efficient.  My mom insists on visiting her stylist because of our upcoming trip to Taiwan in August, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

I am planning to post the follow-up of the One Lovely Blog Award I received months and months ago in the coming days. Goodnight!