Books Galore at the Biggest Bookstore

Happy Thursday! The weather is finally clearly up from all the humidity and the heat-alert frenzy. It is so crisp out today and it’s nice to have some gloominess hiding the scorching sun for a change. I have been home-bound since the beginning of the week scrambling together a major essay. Or should I say, procrastinating. Anyhow, I signed up for another 5k in August that will take place in Toronto. I was planning to participate in the Toronto Women’s 10k run prior to the notice but that can be left for another time.

This morning in class the A.C. was colder than usual. Has anyone else heard that decreased body temperature produces more melatonin, and better sleep? I was yawning until class the professor called it an end. In need of something steeeaming hot, I ventured to a new café. The atmosphere is so unique. I love the old-fashioned designs and the classiness.

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