Recap: Michigan Trip

I’m back from Michigan, since Monday night. Even though it was a short visit, it was still nice to spend some time with my family. We stayed long enough to dodge Canada Day and a little too short to celebrate the Fourth of July with Americans. But it’s all good! I hope everyone enjoyed their Canada Day and Fourth of July celebrations 🙂

The first stop on the way to the hotel was at a Big Boy’s diner restaurant.  We went for it because our family friend’s son wanted to eat there. I wasn’t so sure I could trust the creepy mascot boy…The manager assured us that Big Boy’s invented the big mac burger long before McDonald’s did. Big Mac’s and McDonald’s aside, I can’t get over the mascot. It’s not one you get to see everyday.

I ordered the Famous Slim Jim without the ham. I had high expectations from the beautiful picture, but it didn’t appear anything like it 😦 But I wasn’t too hungry because I had a 2 slices of homemade banana walnut bread on the way there.

We specifically visited the area of Frankenmuth. It’s a beautiful small town influenced by German culture and Bavarian themed architecture. I’m not sure how large the area is but we mostly stayed on this main street.

There were many souvenir shops along the street. Just how cute are these animal figures! Look closely, because they are shaped from fruits and vegetables. So cute!We changed our plans of riding the ferry because it was scorching hot and humid.

Horse wagons too! Other cool souvenir finds:Mugs with heart-warming messages.Funny fake ID cards…The next morning we went to the local grocery store to find some breakfast. The Meijer was like a super Walmart, but cheaper.  Yes, I did enjoy grocery shopping, looking around at the different produce and products that we don’t usually see in stores here in Toronto. I picked a large container of mixed fresh berries, Odwalla juice. I also ate a slice of the homemade banana bread we brought with us. I don’t know why I was so surprised that everything was less expensive than in Canada. And of course, some shopping. A visit to the States is never complete without a stop at the outlet mall. That’s how Canadians like it 🙂 because everything is darn expensive here. I did get some small purchases like a headband from J.Crew for $2.20 (good deal!) and a dry-fit Nike cap for $20. I am also now able to sport some wedges! I am very enthusiastic about it 🙂  Wedges are my current favourite summer trend. I am not sure why I passed them along last summer. But when trends come around a second time, I reconsider. Most of the times, I am a very indecisive shopper. I want the things I purchase to last, other times I simply can’t make up my mind. Soo…please for your own sake skip this section if you would not like to hear the thoughts of a girl shopping. I am warning you…When I first saw the wedges, I was attracted to the tan colour. There was also a navy colour but I considered my pair open-toed wedges at home. The striped red and blue variations looked cute too. After trying them on, they were both thumbs down. Hmm..I thought the tan would be nice as a neutral pair of shoes anyways.  But the beige tip, I wasn’t completely in love with that. After walking around in it I realized it is probably the most comfortable shoe I will ever wear.  I changed my mind about the beige tip because it might be a nice added touch. The store name is Bass Shoes. Sold for $45 from its original price of $102. Alright! Hopefully next time I can visit the State of Michigan again and discover different beautiful areas again.


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