Jeans, The Latest Yoga Trend

This morning I awoke early and headed to class. The room gets colder and colder every hour. After I walked out of the room I really wanted a steaming cup of tea. I knew that feeling would die off sooner or later so I convinced myself to munch on an apple until my body temperature was normal again. It was past noon and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it home in time if I grabbed a bite. Conveniently enough I saw a free pizza booth on campus before I hit the busy streets. I don’t know what the occasion was, but on days like this I love Toronto.On the same street I bought my course textbook I took the opportunity to grab a smoothie. Inside is banana, mango, orange juice, apple juice and ice. By this time I body was able to feel the humidity and the sunshine of the 30 something degrees C weather.

I try to walk on a different street after each class to get to know the area better. Across from the smoothie shop was the infamous Massey Hall of Toronto. I would love to watch a concert there someday. Wandering around, I found my way to the neighbourhood of St. Lawrence Market and a cluster of Japanese cuisine and other classy restaurants.

Before dinner I went for a hot yoga class closer to home. While I lied down and waited for class to begin, a man walked in to set up his mat. He was wearing jeans, rolled up from the bottom. He saw me glance at his attire, he laughed and explained that he forgot his shorts. That’s one committed yoga student. His friends beside him laughed and he responded, “What?! Jeans are the latest yoga trend!”.  Yikes, I can’t imagine the discomfort. Hot yoga makes me sweat more than any other exercise. During today’s practice sweat almost ran into my eyes and droplets fell from my chin during balancing poses. The instructor led us through an intense routine. I usually feel dead tired after yoga, but today I think I was feeling somewhat rejuvenated.

While waiting for the spinach ricotta lasagna to reheat in the oven, I practically began with dessert. I thought I would have only a few cherries but the lasagna was heating up too slow. I scooped Greek yogurt to dip more cherries in. Creamy and tart!After that was over, I found peanut M&M’s. I probably ate 5 pieces, or more. I rummaged through the cabinets for some walnuts…then there was a piece of dark chocolate….and 2 medjool dates. And then dinner was ready! I had some roasted asparagus and a piece of left over homemade lasagna from last night. Recipe to be posted soon! Recipe now here!


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