Jeans, The Latest Yoga Trend

This morning I awoke early and headed to class. The room gets colder and colder every hour. After I walked out of the room I really wanted a steaming cup of tea. I knew that feeling would die off sooner or later so I convinced myself to munch on an apple until my body temperature was normal again. It was past noon and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it home in time if I grabbed a bite. Conveniently enough I saw a free pizza booth on campus before I hit the busy streets. I don’t know what the occasion was, but on days like this I love Toronto. Continue reading

Recap: Michigan Trip

I’m back from Michigan, since Monday night. Even though it was a short visit, it was still nice to spend some time with my family. We stayed long enough to dodge Canada Day and a little too short to celebrate the Fourth of July with Americans. But it’s all good! I hope everyone enjoyed their Canada Day and Fourth of July celebrations 🙂

The first stop on the way to the hotel was at a Big Boy’s diner restaurant.  We went for it because our family friend’s son wanted to eat there. I wasn’t so sure I could trust the creepy mascot boy…The manager assured us that Big Boy’s invented the big mac burger long before McDonald’s did. Big Mac’s and McDonald’s aside, I can’t get over the mascot. It’s not one you get to see everyday. Continue reading