After-Class Sights

Morning! I want to pick up on yesterday’s day because I was too tired to blog after my 8pm swim. I headed to the university for class early in the morning. I was behind schedule with the transit but luckily my professor was late again! The room felt like a freezer. It  made me sleepy and I was feeling hungry close to 10:30am, class not dismissed yet. I pulled out my Kashi bar and teared it open. The sound of scrunching plastic continued to echo in the room. It’s always awkward eating in class when no one else is…

I’m loving the Kashi bars and trying out all the different flavours that came in the large Costco package.By the time class was over, I walked out with goose bump arms and legs. I was cold enough to look forward to a hot bowl of soup for lunch…but on a day that was 33°C?? That just doesn’t make sense. My friend was going to meet me for lunch, at a cafe in a local church. While I was waiting for him I ended up taking a walk around the area to find a place to grab a bite. I love the colour of this performer’s outfit! He was singing and chanting on the street side. Later I walked towards Chinatown to do a little discovering. I was mostly intrigued by the decor, across the street I spotted a restaurant that I want to try in the future. It’s a Japanese tapas restaurant called Don Don Izakaya.

After wandering around, I decided to retreat back to the more familiar area for a green tea frozen yogurt smoothie at Cultures. I didn’t know the lady was going to add milk with it too. She was so speedy. I hesitated to mention it after she already prepared the drink. My relationship with drinking milk ended many years ago. Somehow I started disliking the taste in the last years of elementary school but like any good parents, mine were insistent on drinking milk daily for healthy growth. As high school went on, I progressively drank less of it because I disliked the mucousy after-feel and the saltiness. I still grew normally and I think my bones were/are okay. I did some research into milk and the pros or cons to it, mainly from the book Whitewash.

Media plays a large role in what consumers come to think of in a product and what is purchase. And the media has always pursued the good of milk and dairy products. The book was borrowed from the library and I didn’t get through the whole book as I hoped. The book highlights so many interesting and controversial points about milk and the huge industry. One of the biggest facts that stood out to me is that North America consumes the most amount of milk, but we still have the highest percentage of hip fractures and other skyrocketing health issues. I’m not saying that milk is completely terrible for you. Of course there are also some health benefits but it is also important to know the facts versus media-blown beliefs. I’m really sorry if I offended any milk drinkers! Although I don’t consume milk on its own, I do when it is used in cooked foods like pancakes and muffins.

Back to lunch,I found a small salad bowl at Longos but didn’t manage to finish most of it.

I was joined by my friend and we strolled around the city. There’s a Beer Academy in Toronto?? I might be taking the name too literally. The weather was so hot, we dove into Petite Thuet for air conditioning and french macarons. It’s a  small but pretty cafe.I had the coconut with lime filling and he had the chocolate with chocolate ganache. Thumbs up for the coconut flavour! I am pretty sure this was the second french macaron I have had, ever 🙂After cooling down, we walked to St. Lawrence Market to look around. The upper level was mostly butcher shops and meat vendors so we headed downstairs. There were bakeries, jewellery stores, health and natural food shops, local fruits and vegetables and some cafes.

We also passed by a beautiful Victorian-Gothic style church. I wouldn’t mind getting married there 🙂And we passed a residency that looked like a church.After getting home, I ate a quick dinner and went for a lane swim. I arrived at the pool more than half an hour before lane swim began. I joined in on an Aqua Fit class with a group of older ladies. It was so much fun, and what a workout.  After that session, I swam for and hour before heading home. It was a good day 🙂


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