Doggie Knockout & Purple Yam Checkoff

This morning I had a smaller breakfast because I wanted to get through 20 minutes of Tabata before leaving the house. It was yogurt with strawberries and honey.

After speeding through the Tabata I went over to a mall to meet with the seller of a second hand Nikon DSLR. Yes 🙂 my very first one. Except for the short period in high school when my friend allowed me to borrow his older DSLR, I can say that I barely have  experience with DSLR’s. Instead of stressing over science courses and filling my timetables with university prerequisites, I wish I had taken photography classes in high school to  better my understanding of gadgets. Although I know nothing,  I’m excited to try out the camera and learn all the cool effects.  I contemplated on purchasing one for a long time, thinking about the cost and the worth in the long term. I always admire seeing people with DSLR’s, snapping away at moments and wishing I could have one too. It is not cheap but I decided to just go with it and to see where it takes me in terms of photo quality, hobbies, and what not.

Then I met mom at our friend’s home to pick up Meatball. He was babysat today because his owners were away for work.

We got home later in the afternoon and I was starving for lunch. It was half a OneBun with dijon mustard, a slice of provolone, some salad, black and red beans, and pineapple. I’m not sure how I feel about the provolone  taste. It is sharper than I am used to and has a touch of “stinky”. But I still enjoyed it!

Before dinner, Meatball accompanied me for a jog. The weather was nice, and the sun was well hidden. I took him on my usual path. Every time I have him with me I feel  incredibly popular 🙂

We had a good jog with random stops for him to mark his territory. We were back home in less than an hour and boy was he knocked out. My mom was laughing on the side. Haha, he was sleeping in front of the fridge, but it wasn’t long until he got up to plant his head on my lap while I ate dinner.

I had a bit of multigrain rice with left over beans, sweet potatoes, purple yam and cooked yam leaves. I can now check off purple yam from the list of foods that I want to try! It does not taste too different from sweet potatoes but I think the texture is more dense. The purpleness is mesmerizing.

After dinner I had a couple of chocolates. I came home from saying goodbye to my friend Jona last Wednesday and found the surprise on the table.

It was so sweet of her, she left us chocolates as a thank you for her stay. Thank you for the treats, Jona!

This is actually the picture I took the day she left it for us, it is almost empty now. Goodnight!


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