Icecream Talk

Since it is officially summer, let’s talk icecream!

From childhood to now I went through many many different stages of favourite ice creams flavour obsessions. It started with the Napoleon mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I have also had my fair share of wacky flavours that I probably would not eat ever again, not to mention the Spiderman popsicles with gummies…. The classic “Bubblegum” and the very very colourful “Superkid” were some of my earliest memories of ice cream. In my tweens, I taught myself to enjoy Mint Chocolate, because it was a favourite of my mom and my brother’s.  Then I went through a phase of being a “Vanilla” lover, until I discovered an “Orange Sherbet” flavour, and then there was the obsession with “Chocolate Chip”. I am still obsessed with green tea ice cream. And that brings me to my new favourite of “Dark Chocolate” today.

Uh oh, how could I forget? My family and I also visited Main Street on Father’s Day. It’s a beautiful street with many little shops and boutiques. We watched the funny street performer before heading over to the Old Fire Hall Confectionery ice cream. I must mention the ice cream! My mom and I shared a dark chocolate flavour, we both loved it. I had many chocolate ice creams, but not dark chocolate. The next day we mulled over the frozen section of the grocery store for a dark chocolate frozen yogurt. My brothers and dad shared a mix of mango and berry frozen yogurt. I have a few bites and it was delish too.

I’m always curious to know what type of flavours people like when it comes to things like this. Anyways, time for breakfast!


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