Healthy Cup Award and Lunch on the Deck

Last night I discovered that Jamie Oliver received the Healthy Cup Award 2012 presented by Harvard. The award recognizes its recipients for contributing to public health and nutrition. I love Jamie Oliver. His passion for good nutritious food, and the emphasis he places on educating children on healthy eating and cooking are only part of the reasons why I think he is an admirable advocator. Immediately I searched up his speech and found my own values towards healthy eating and the negatives effects of food industrialization strengthened.

This morning my mother and I went over to a family friend’s home to help her prepare lunch for some relatives visiting. That’s Meatball, waiting patiently with me for the guests to arrive. We enjoyed lunch on their beautiful backyard deck.

We had some alfredo pasta, grilled veggies, wheat salad, crab salad, romaine salad, sushi and lots of fruits.

The weather was chilly the past two days, but today was just right again. I also left their house with a sewing machine lent to me by the family friend auntie 🙂 I’m going to get busy with some DIY stuff soon.


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