Visit of the Firemen Crew

This morning started off with a filling breakfast of plain yogurt and apple sauce with raspberries, a slice of rye with peanut butter and half a banana sliced. And a bonus of yellow peppers, a little bit of veggies to kick start the day.


I am aware that “look-what-I-ate photos”are one of the big no-no’s of food photography. But that’s alright! I find my own bite marks interesting.


Mama mia! It’s June 1st going on the 2nd and I am finally cleaned up from another long day of non-stop hustle and bustle. I began a new part-time job as a prep cook on Wednesday. I think I might love it. I am honestly not sure if I do yet because it really is only my third day working. Along with 3 or 4 other co-workers, we are continuously assigned tasks to finish. Sometimes they can be finished in minutes, others maybe hours.

On Wed. I thought to myself…I will never look at vegetables the same again. Yesterday I thought to myself, I will never eat food from a banquet without thinking twice about the sweat and blood put in by prep cooks and chefs.

Though the work is very physical, I do prefer it over interaction with customers. Because heck if I am paid to fill up mince 6 litres full of tomatoes for bruchetta, cut watermelon, or peel tomatoes I’d gladly do it. But the repetitive tasks can get very physically tiring. My biceps need no more targeting when I continue my next Tabata.

After grating almost the entire wheel of Asiago cheese none stop, my arms were aching.  I took off my gloves when no one was watching and snapped the lovely picture of grated cheese.

Today a lot happened. Oh yea, the fire truck and fire men visited us. Twice (in an hour).

The fume hood of the grill was not working properly when it was used to grill chicken. The whole kitchen was fogged out. My employers did not want the fine of some thousands of dollars (improper kitchen regulation I assume) which I heard them mermering about. The firemen let it slip after hearing that a towel had accidentally caught on fire.

Props to my elementary school for instilling strong integrity in my because I thought it was disgraceful of them to lie like that, but I kept my mouth shut like everyone else. Still, I could understand their position in not wanting to be fined. They just wanted to finish the whatever hundred of chicken pieces needed for tomorrow.

I am going to hit the bed.  Another long day for tomorrow. Good night!


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