Moist Banana Walnut Bread

I will be heading to Michigan this weekend with my family and snacks will be needed. This afternoon I finally set out to make the banana walnut bread using the recipe from the book, 100 Foods To Stay Young.  Food #91 to stay young by is walnuts.  Some interesting facts from the book says:

-walnut shells are used in facial cleansers, as paint thickeners, to clean metals and as explosive fillers. And the inner husk is used for making strong brown dye.
-walnuts are a good source of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that possesses some anti-cancer properties.
-walnuts are high in zinc, selenium and phytosterols.
-walnuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 9 fatty acids. They help prevent clogging of arteries, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and stroke. Continue reading

After-Class Sights

Morning! I want to pick up on yesterday’s day because I was too tired to blog after my 8pm swim. I headed to the university for class early in the morning. I was behind schedule with the transit but luckily my professor was late again! The room felt like a freezer. It  made me sleepy and I was feeling hungry close to 10:30am, class not dismissed yet. I pulled out my Kashi bar and teared it open. The sound of scrunching plastic continued to echo in the room. It’s always awkward eating in class when no one else is…

I’m loving the Kashi bars and trying out all the different flavours that came in the large Costco package. Continue reading

Doggie Knockout & Purple Yam Checkoff

This morning I had a smaller breakfast because I wanted to get through 20 minutes of Tabata before leaving the house. It was yogurt with strawberries and honey.

After speeding through the Tabata I went over to a mall to meet with the seller of a second hand Nikon DSLR. Yes 🙂 my very first one. Except for the short period in high school when my friend allowed me to borrow his older DSLR, I can say that I barely have  experience with DSLR’s. Instead of stressing over science courses and filling my timetables with university prerequisites, I wish I had taken photography classes in high school to  better my understanding of gadgets. Although I know nothing,  I’m excited to try out the camera and learn all the cool effects.  I contemplated on purchasing one for a long time, thinking about the cost and the worth in the long term. I always admire seeing people with DSLR’s, snapping away at moments and wishing I could have one too. It is not cheap but I decided to just go with it and to see where it takes me in terms of photo quality, hobbies, and what not. Continue reading

Icecream Talk

Since it is officially summer, let’s talk icecream!

From childhood to now I went through many many different stages of favourite ice creams flavour obsessions. It started with the Napoleon mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I have also had my fair share of wacky flavours that I probably would not eat ever again, not to mention the Spiderman popsicles with gummies…. The classic “Bubblegum” and the very very colourful “Superkid” were some of my earliest memories of ice cream. In my tweens, I taught myself to enjoy Mint Chocolate, because it was a favourite of my mom and my brother’s.  Then I went through a phase of being a “Vanilla” lover, until I discovered an “Orange Sherbet” flavour, and then there was the obsession with “Chocolate Chip”. I am still obsessed with green tea ice cream. And that brings me to my new favourite of “Dark Chocolate” today.

Uh oh, how could I forget? My family and I also visited Main Street on Father’s Day. It’s a beautiful street with many little shops and boutiques. We watched the funny street performer before heading over to the Old Fire Hall Confectionery ice cream. I must mention the ice cream! My mom and I shared a dark chocolate flavour, we both loved it. I had many chocolate ice creams, but not dark chocolate. The next day we mulled over the frozen section of the grocery store for a dark chocolate frozen yogurt. My brothers and dad shared a mix of mango and berry frozen yogurt. I have a few bites and it was delish too.

I’m always curious to know what type of flavours people like when it comes to things like this. Anyways, time for breakfast!

Chocolate Berry Swirl Cheesecake (Raw & Vegan) and Catch-ups

This is another creation of raw vegan cheesecake . It was the first time making something like this when I was preparing a dessert for the Virtual Vegan Potluck.   They were made as small individual “cheesecakes” in the first making, this time I made it in a small springform pan.

Sadly the coconut oil was all used up for the crust. 1 tsp of coconut oil plus 3 tbsps of yogurt seemed to do the trick for the filling. This the cheesecake has a chocolate layer with cocoa powder and a plain layer that was sprinkled with  frozen raspberries and blueberries.

The cheesecake was actually made a week or two ago, but it stores well in the freezer. I brought out the half eaten cheesecake from the freezer today before lunch. My friend and I each had a piece for a mid-morning snack. Continue reading

Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill with the Dads

Yesterday my family and I dined out at Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill with 2 other fathers and their families after attending church service in the morning. The atmosphere and design of the restaurant made me feel like I was in Muskoka, especially the washrooms which looked like hotel luxury. It has been a long time since I have taken time to really think about my dad and to appreciate him. Unlike Mother’s Day, the restaurant was practically empty and it felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Continue reading

Mocha Cake with Chocolate Avocado Mousse for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Last week I went to the library to find new books to devour. At this point I was feeling greedy carrying the tall stack of books to the check-out.

I also found the coolest food magazine called “Cook This Not That”. It shows recipes of healthier home-made alternatives to restaurant dishes or other foods you would eat outside. It also compares nutritional information like calories, sodium, and fat. The way the magazine presents the recipes makes me want to try every recipe!

A specific cake recipe from Ellie Krieger’s “Food You Crave” cookbook sounded fitting for a Father’s Day cake, casual enough for an afternoon dessert. The recipe can be found online as well here.  We don’t usually celebrate this day with a cake, but I wanted to do so since I did not have the chance to make my dad’s birthday cake this year.

Instead of using the recipe’s icing, I wanted to try chocolate avocado mousse. I tried it out a few times after hearing many good things about it last month. If you can get your ratios right, it tastes exactly like chocolate mousse, if not better! Not a hint of avocado. Even if you can still taste avocado, it is still rich and chocolatey. It is as easy as 4 ingredients: avocado, lemon juice, honey and cocoa powder. Continue reading

Healthy Cup Award and Lunch on the Deck

Last night I discovered that Jamie Oliver received the Healthy Cup Award 2012 presented by Harvard. The award recognizes its recipients for contributing to public health and nutrition. I love Jamie Oliver. His passion for good nutritious food, and the emphasis he places on educating children on healthy eating and cooking are only part of the reasons why I think he is an admirable advocator. Immediately I searched up his speech and found my own values towards healthy eating and the negatives effects of food industrialization strengthened.

Continue reading

Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This morning started off with a smoothie and a morning walk. I’m glad I got my butt out of the house before the humidity started to set in at noon. It’s gloomy and rainy today again. On days like this I feel like staying in and doing nothing.

 My breakfast smoothie included some kale, banana, strawberries, yogurt and soymilk. I probably ate a cup of strawberries while I was making the smoothie.  Continue reading

Valuable Mentions of The Week

Days have been hot and gloomy. My dear Wasabi and I have also been spending more time together. (Me supervising him climbing on curtains and cleaning any fallen doo-doo).

I thought I would conclude the past week with some valuable mentions of things I have made for dinner all week. Continue reading